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So, just got through playing the first act of Broken Age. It's fun, I like it. A cute adventure game. Not very long, though. I didn't time myself or anything, but I reckon I spent maybe 4 or 5 hours on it.

What I'm wondering, is, where does all the money go? I can't help but think about other games that raised similar amounts of money. Specifically, I'm think about Obsidian's Project Eternity, or inXile's Wastelend 2/Torment: Numenera. Now, granted, Broken Age is the only one that seems to be released at the moment, but I'd be pretty shocked if Eternity, Wasteland and Torment each have less than 20 hours of play time (and gonna guess up around 40+, and with replay value).

Broken Age: 3.3M (and I think that's all gone to Act 1)

Eternity: 4.0M

Wasteland 2: 2.9M

Torment: 4.2M

Is producing an adventure game that much more difficult? I'm a programmer (not a games programmer), and it seems like full combat systems, party interactions, etc add alot more programming burden than what I saw in Broken Age. And it seems like those games will probably have a lot more art assets, from what I can tell.

So, I'm wondering: where does the money go? Why does it seem like those other full RPG's will have so much more content, for similar budgets? Is the documentary for Broken Age eating alot of the budget? Are the other studios going to spend a lot more than what was raised on kickstarter? Other stuff that I clearly have no clue about?

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@Olqavtoras:  How did you actually solve the problem?  I live in Ireland, so I bought a PAL version of the game, but I'm having the same issue that you are.  What, specifically, did you do?