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New Service Adds Your Drunken Facebook Photos To Employer Background Checks, For Up To Seven Years
By Ben Popken on June 21, 2011 1:00 PM 0 views

The FTC has given thumbs up to a company, Social Intelligence Corp., selling a new kind of employee background check to employers. This one scours the internet for your posts and pictures to social media sites and creates a file of all the dumb stuff you ever uploaded online. For instance, this sample they provided was flagged for "Demonstrating potentially violent behavior" because of "flagrant display of weapons or bombs."

The FTC said that the file, which will last for up to seven years, does not violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The company also says that info in your file will be updated when you remove pictures from the social media sites. Forbes reports, "new employers who run searches through Social Intelligence won't have access to the materials if they are completely removed from the Internet."

Here is a statement on their privacy policy the company's COO sent Forbes:

While we store information for up to seven years we do not "reuse" that information for new reports. Per our policies and obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we run new reports on applicants on each new search to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information is utilized, and we store the information to maintain a verifiable chain-of-custody in-case the information is ever needed for legal reasons. We are not however building a "database" on individuals that will be evaluated each time they apply for a job and potentially could be used adversely even if they have cleaned up their profiles.

Another profile was flagged for having racist tendencies for clicking "Like" on a Facebook group called, "I shouldn't have to press 1 for English. We are in the United States. Learn the language."

So many things wrong here I don't even know where to begin...

* How do they know they have the right "you?" The profile on "John Smith" has got to be horrendous.
* Can you now sabotage someone's job prospects by creating a fake profile of them filled with racist, homophobic and violent imagery?
* Considering how hard it is to fix an error on your credit report, how hard will it be to fix an error on your social media report?


well this should be interesting
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@RE_Player92 said:


Supermensa forum member?
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i said it would be  funny again, not that it sucks... it's just not funny anymore

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i never said the bombcast sucks

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@FluxWaveZ said:
Ha, Scott Bromley's annoying as hell. He'd only bring the Bombcast down, not to mention he insulted the Bombcast guys on the Debriefings 2-3 months ago.
nice can i get a episode number please
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@PrimeSynergy said:
@ErrorOperator said:

When did Scott Bromley get fired!?

Last week I think.  Also, this thread is turning into one giant childish argument and fast so it's flag time I guess.
was wondering when that was going to happen, god forbid people actually bitch abouit something on GB. 
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@MoleyUK said:
@Retro_Clone said:
also wasnt talking about those 3 just Patrick...Vinny is the only cool person on GB. Alex would be better without him
But you JUST stated that the criteria for being on the Giant Bomb Bombcast was to be "overweight or look 16", yet you're now saying you were not talking about three of the participants that completely nullify your criteria?  Which is it?
idk im hungry
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@Khadyn said:

@Retro_Clone said:

ahh i see, ya got to be overweight or look 16 to be on GB

Really? Guess you gotta look queer (nice hair / shades / shirt "bro") and walk like a chick (not including bitching/whining like one) to be on IGN? Clearly I prefer the "mature" adults talking about video games on GB then what I linked..

I'm guessing he lost his job at IGN..hhmm..if yes, then they made a smart decision ;P

lol someone is jealous, hey dont fault him for showering everyday and looking like he actually takes care of himself.... 
hey look i can make funny icons also 8==>