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Very well said. *applause*

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What the hell is Respawn up to? That's what I've been curious about for a while. This only adds to that.

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The only collector's edition stuff I don't regret purchasing:

  • Blizzard games.
  • Oblivion (that coin is pretty awesome).
  • Warhammer Online (game wasn't so great, but a ton of stuff was packed into the Collector's)

Collector's editions should be more than a 20 page manual-sized art book and a tin case.

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Half Life 2 US retail box collector's edition. It came with a T-shirt. Meanwhile, the Steam edition got the shirt, a hate, some stickers, and other shit for the same price.

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I occasionally have the same issue. Using the latest build of Firefox.

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I have everything but updating status every day. I forgot to one day. How did so many people have it on day 1 and on?

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Nintendo killed. They went from worst presentation (by far) the last few years to best (by far) this year.

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