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Jeff with anime eyes is great.

Made this during the GDC live stream..

based on this weekly shonen jump cover:

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Wow man, Brad as George Jetson works perfectly!

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Wow, I can't believe that guy would actually pop up again in a somewhat relevant context.

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Sounds like you got a bad deal, man. My biology professors would NEVER have said anything like that, and I've never heard anyone in the faculty, or in the scientific community I've been privy to, state these things, because there is no evidence.

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Amazing work duder. Now the world can know why it was difficult for that team to fit audio onto the cart!

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I've had the NintendoLand loading screen music as my ringtone since the WiiU livestream GB did last November.

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WOO RORIE IS BACK. I'm super excited for this! Maybe now we'll get some crazy Dark Souls II shenanigans in the future...

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Holy crap. Wow. Thanks for all the years of fun, Dave. I still remember playing Killing Floor while listening to the radio show when the Amazon breakage happened. I wish you good luck going forward with whatever you're doing next!

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Those are some sweet kicks.

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Hell yeah Packers! Glad your safe duder.