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Mine was the transportation to Rapture. Even before the game had come out, I'd guessed you would catch a half-second glimpse of Rapture through a tear or something, but they went and put you in the beginning area of BioShock. I literally yelled "HOLY FUCK YES!" when you were warped in. As a biology major, I'd always loved the original's themes of scientific experimentation without morals, and getting a little taste of that again made me very happy.

It makes me wish there'd be a patch for consoles making the combat from BioShock like 2 and Infinite, but it's probably not a good financial decision.

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Yes. He's just the guy to revitalize the image of EA into the digital future!

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This I can get behind. Screw the Peter Moore supporters.

Jeff Green for EA CEO 2013

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I really enjoy the 5-08-2012 episode. Adam Sessler, E3 mysteries, the old Gamespot TV stuff; it's one of my favorites.

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If Jeff ever makes it into the game, his tag team partner should either be Ryan or, barring that, Charlie Tunoku. Also, I don't care for real-life wrestling, never have. But somehow this show was enjoyable. It probably has to do with the nature of the wrestlers.

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Highly relevant, since I just beat P3 FES last weekend. Interesting read!

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the original 1up team was great, never forget

That first video is beautiful for having the smiling Jeff Green in the top left.

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Welcome to the family, duder. Now go start watching the Persona 4 endurance run. Also: hamburgers, bufu, China Don't Care, #TeamBrad, video games.

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I was really impressed with it all. This was one of the best possible outcomes for this conference, and they knocked it out of the park.

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I caught a shiny Electrike. I was really disappointed when he evolved, because the shiny Manetric isn't as cool looking.

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The Bombcast is the best podcast I've ever listened to. Pure and simple.