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That's some great small businessman art.

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Does that mean we can post really dumb stuff that will then disappear forever?! Rad!

Uh, I mean, so long as it doesn't break forum rules?

Remember the beta version of the site? So rad.

That's Precisely what I was referencing.

Oh I remember it fondly

Goddamn I really missed the beta site. Those were the best of times.

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I will be taking an exam during this time, so at the very least I won't be here to mess anything up.

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I was legit shook when Drake cracked the bottle, I really thought he had snapped and everything had gone to hell. When Jeff Green revealed his face I knew it was staged then, but man that ending was exhilarating. I think I understand why people get hype for wrestling now.

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I always got a kick out of that random XBL name generator that put out Time Muffin.

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Holy crap this is awesome.

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Doseone was great, this stream was great. We got:

  1. Insight into the dev process behind Galak-Z and the suggestion of setting a laptop on fire.
  2. Phil Fish and his crazy singularity end of the world VR nightmare apocalypse, fueled by Buckfast.
  3. An Idle Thumbs GDC Podblast + GB crossover with Brad Muir and degloving talk.
  4. Amazing talk about the state of free-to-play monitization ethics from Rami Ismail.
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Haha, love the reaction montages.

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That's a perfect expression for him. Well done!

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Sweet! Love the lamp inclusion.