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Get well soon duder. At least you'll have time to sit around and listen to all of the GOTY podcasts this week!

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Gravity, Pacific Rim, then Thor 2, and Iron Man 3, but Gravity takes the cake.

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As long as Dota 2 makes an appearance on the top 10 overall list, I'll be fine. Although it would be extremely hilarious if the only way Brad could get everyone to agree to put Dota on the list was to get rid of Brothers.

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The Nintendo Rabbit Salesman might be my favorite Bombcast moment this year.

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When you have that very first conversation with Legion in the AI Core. It totally blew my mind that I was talking with something that had been one of the mooks from ME1, and his entire conversation tree is fantastic!

Also talking to Mess Sergeant Gardner. Cooking meals and cleaning toilets, that's the Cerberus way!

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This is just amazing.

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That is a good press release.

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Man, this is hard. After thinking a bit, I really can't say anything bad about Mr. Heavenly. The song just flows in such an interesting way and has a great chorus.

Another related song is Piranhas Club by Man Man. It's just groovy, and the lyrics and really contrasted against the surf-guitar and poppy sounds.

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@theht said:

This poll is bonafide madness.

I love this gif.