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So I just saw this weekend's episode of Saturday Morning Slam cause it had Regal vs Ryder on it and it was a nice match except for the camera gaffe on the ending, a rare occurence n the WWE. Gorgeous matwork by Regal and Ryder managed to hold up his end well.

It's kinda disheartening that the one episode of Saturday Morning Slam I see has better wrestling, more respect for history and is less intelligently insulting than a lot of the other WWE shows.

I only started appreciating Regal after his career started winding down... can anyone recommend some good matches of his on youtube?

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To add to the British gathering on the last page, I am also British.

Also, I think I should've gotten 100 points for predicting the Team Friendship win if the rankings have been updated yet. I haven't checked.

I am the tag team champions!

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With JBL doing commentary for a bit, who do you think will play the heel in the commentary team? Will Cole stick with his schtick or will JBL take his rightful place as commentary dick?

...that being said, what kind of role did JBL play on commentary the last time he had a go?

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I may also join in on predictions for the first time. So I'm putting 100 points on MAH BOY D-BRY (and Kane).

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Watched two episodes now and NXT > Raw. A solid hour of wrasslin' poops on three hours of Cena, HHH, Sheamus, Del Taco and King.

Apart from Seth Rollins. That guy is uh... special. He hasn't had a match yet though, so he could win me over I guess. Based on what I've seen though, he's awkward on the mic, has a terrible look with that hair, spouts catchphrases, uses a sob story (wahhh everyone was mean to me), and fuck that idiotic belt-swinging thing. I missed his ROH stuff which is what everyone seems to be holding on to.

Kidd and McGillicutty continue to put on great main events though. I like The Ascension in the ring, but that entrance is kinda weird when they don't have a gimmick to go with it. Give them some kind of Brood 2.0 thing and we're good. Leo Kruger was great last week, as was Kassius Ohno.


I'm with you on Seth Rollins... I've only seen his NXT stuff and I'm not excited about him at all.

Has Paige been on recently? She's lovely.

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Definitely play P4 first, not only because it's an awesome game that you should experience playing yourself, but you'll also get so much more out of the ER.

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Most of the time I guess it's completely unnecessary, but the developers still need to check through for words / phrases that wouldn't make the trip over the Atlantic. Otherwise things like this hit the news and impact their game:

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If I hadn't played this game to death already I'd be super excited about this. Hope they fix all the networking issues I had.

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I don't see why not, my old macbook air plays it grand.

The latest game also included the release of the demo so try that first :)

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If it's anything like Saints Row III which I got on the THQ store, they send the code out when it's ready to be downloaded.