Best support I can give...

I signed up for a monthly subscription to Giant Bomb.  I wish I could do a yearly.  But funds are short right now.  Plus I like video games.  But I really like this site and even more importantly I don't go a week without listening to the Bombcast.  So I want to support the GB crew.  They have provided me with hours and hours of entertainment.  And I have not really given them much back.  So really I should just man up and buy a year membership.  I really like the T-Shirt.  Plus I'd like to know that I have a full year done and not have to worry each month if I need to cancel my membership.   
Well my wife is up so real life calls.   
So for right now I've contributed $5.  It's not much, but at least I have given them something. 
Thanks for a great website and awesome podcast.