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@ninjakiller:   Oh, yeah.  I know the podcast won't be split.  I am very grateful for that.  I actually had more to say, especially in regards to the podcast split.  When it was announced that the podcast was going to be split, I actually felt less inclined to give my money.  I just started listening to this weeks bombcast during my commute on Thursday and that's when I decided that I would at least buy in for one month.  I just really enjoy the content that Giant Bomb provides.  I don't come here for breaking news, I come here for the humor and wit that the four core giant bomb(ers) bring to their videos and podcast.  I just wish I could give more.
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I signed up for a monthly subscription to Giant Bomb.  I wish I could do a yearly.  But funds are short right now.  Plus I like video games.  But I really like this site and even more importantly I don't go a week without listening to the Bombcast.  So I want to support the GB crew.  They have provided me with hours and hours of entertainment.  And I have not really given them much back.  So really I should just man up and buy a year membership.  I really like the T-Shirt.  Plus I'd like to know that I have a full year done and not have to worry each month if I need to cancel my membership.   
Well my wife is up so real life calls.   
So for right now I've contributed $5.  It's not much, but at least I have given them something. 
Thanks for a great website and awesome podcast.

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Bummer, I don't have Borderlands on PC.  The only PC in our house that would run Borderlands is my wife's laptop and I try to limit how much time I spend on it.  I do the majority of my gaming on the 360.  Good luck to you!  Hope you can get a game together.

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I would totally be on board for this: my character is only level thirty or so and I have yet to play Borderlands co-op, but I just don't have much free time to play M-rated games.  I have a two year old, and she takes up a lot of my gaming time.  I followed you whallett and if things change I'll PM you.  By the way are you asking for 360?

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I'm in.  Put all my money in Walmart (WMT) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ).  We'll see what happens, then maybe I can diversify (or some other smart sound "stock" word).  

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I was a big Sims fan when it first came out, oh so many years ago, but I haven't really played with the Sims since Sims 2.  It just seemed to take so much time, and I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere.  Also I have enough trouble with real life socializing that it kinda sucked that I couldn't even socialize in a computer game.   
With the quests it seems like this game will have a little different vibe.  I'm interested, but I'll wait and see what other information comes out.

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 This is Jimmy
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My 360 is supposed to come back from an RROD fix Friday, this would be a nice way to celebrate it's return. X360