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Love Childish.

And nah, he's just stoned.

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I agree, its absolutely disgusting in my opinion. I mean, we're not even talking about hiring women to smile and hand out pamphlets on the latest video game (booth), we're talking about dressing them skimpily so that Gamers go there to check out there assets. Quite honestly it has always disgusted me, glad to see I'm not the only one. I'm sad to call myself a Gamer, when to the outside world the way they see us is as people who are quite obviously influenced by something a superficial as this.

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I like him, just not his music.

@Vinny_Says said:

He's just a notch above the atrocity that is Chief Keef

Birdman "will do anything" to sign Chief Keef. No fucking joke.

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I'm from the past and I agree.

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Need to go play the original.

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Its possible, androids and whatnot.

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@VierasTalo said:

I thought GTFO meant Get the fuck out rather than Get the fuck off. Either way doesn't entirely make sense with that title.

Get the fuck off it. Makes perfect sense.

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I'm surprised they were still supporting it.

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I'd love it if the characters classes weren't exactly the same and if they made each of them more unique than they were before (ie more class-specific abilities and what not). Its just that apart from the Phase Walking and the Turret, not much else defined the characters and while it was a nice touch I don't think that it affected the game as it would be nice to.

Also, a greater ease on sorting your items and deciding which one is better.

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@xyzygy said:

@ReVamp said:

@RsistncE said:

Still controls (and plays) like a really shitty/mediocre 3rd person shooter. Why do people like this crap again? Oh wait, it's because most people are idiots.

Barring the fact I haven't played it, I think most people who play the game tend to not care about the shooting aspect.

The people who prefer Mass Effect 1 are the ones who don't care - the ones who prefer ME2 are the ones who care more about the shooting over basically everything else.

To that I say that the people who prefer ME2 might prefer the more comfortable controls that allow easier shooting - not because they prefer shooting over other factors of the gameplay, but because a variety of the game's aspects have been improved.

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