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Voted for Nintendo, even if I don't own a WiiU or 3DS. Gamescom was very dissapointing this year. Microsoft showed a few good games but then blew it with the whole Tomb Raider thing. Hideo Kojima showed the world a Metal Gear Solid game with elements that are on the wrong side of stupid. And Sony was disappointing because of the lack of Vita games and focusing too much on indiegames for my liking. I don't hate indiegames, I just don't care for them (and I did try some of them but I just can't see the appeal). I love my PS4 but it is a bit odd that the only 'newgen' experience I had on it so far was with NBA2k14.

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PSN: Revan_NL hoping to get those two gold trophies for MP this time around!

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Feyenoord Rotterdam (Dutch premier league), FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA) and Brazil

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I really don't get the whole 'it's third person but you shoot in first person whenever you hold the left trigger thing'. Other than that, where are the boob physics?

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Sounds like a faulty console. In the 6 months that I have the console, I've had 3 gamecrashes tops

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In no particular order: Batman Arkham Knight, Uncharted 4 and Sunset Overdrive (even if I don't own nor am I planning to buy an Xbox One, that game just looks great)

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The Witcher 3. The Witcher 2 was awesome and from what I've seen, The Witcher 3 looks like a stunning continuation of that. I only play on consoles, where the two Dragon Age games weren't all that great to begin with (lets be honest here, the first one was a PC game at its core ported over to consoles because of money and the second one... well that just sucked). From what I've seen, Dragon Age Inquisition just doesn't do it for me. The art style still is too generic fantasy and that gameplay demo didn't win me over either.

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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No, mainly because you can bet that Titanfall 2 is coming to PS4.

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Battlefield 4 of PS4 and Killzone Shadow Fall (got the latter from a friend recently, it's not great but damn it I am going to finish it).