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@shodan2020 said:

I trust you guys. LET'S DO THIS! :)

This is my feelings on the subject.

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Cautiously optimistic here.

I trust these guys.

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I guess if I trade in my DSi it will be ok. $300 is pricey.

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@KaosAngel said:
", this reminds me of going to the convience store behind my appartment in Japan around 3 a.m. to buy some game, and then end up buying more crap than I need.  I remember when I got MHP2G for PSP, it was a day late and I got it after work around 2 a.m., ending up spending about 9000円 (or 90 bucks) on food and massive amount of alcohol.  Good times.  I fucking hate Supermarkets though, you go in there as a guy...and everyone wants to know if you know what you're doing, or if you're looking for your "wife".  You'll be surprised at where you can find cheap games.  There's this guy near campus that sells games on the street unopened for about $20-30, he has a massaive amount of them and sells 'em from the back of his truck. "  
Back of his truck eh? Sounds legit.
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@punkxblaze said:
" I miss the part where I thought the world was a good place and people were pretty alright. "
This. The more I realize about this place the less I want to live here. 
Or have my own kids into this mess.
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This is what I've noted since I've gotten out of teenagehood (I'm 21 and married now). I notice at the mall all the little groups of kids in their own little worlds thinking that they are something special. I know I was this way too (98% of teenagers are). You will start to realize (if you haven't already) that this is completely stupid of a worldview, and I think getting married and working 40 hour work weeks has made me appreciate my parents so much more than I did. Think about it, they put up with our crap just because they love us. I mean, I thought I was getting opressed or some crap because I had to call them to tell them where they were. And to hear all the topic of convos between the cliques of teens in the mall was just retarded. I felt so hard for my parents for being such a loser.  
I guess I'm trying to say that becoming older and more mature has changed my views on things, and I know see why teenagers are such duds, even though I was more than likely just like that when I was a teen. 
Gratz on age 20 btw.  
Also: I LOVE borderlands. I'm about lvl 32 on my first playthrough - waiting on my Xbox to get back to start playing again.

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I just had my first E 74 on 2/19/10. Still waiting for my console back from Microsoft... I got that thing in Summer 08'

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Here's mine. Pretty boring but I like the picture. 

Yeah Desktop 
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Was I the only one expecting a poll with answers of "yes" or "no"? 

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God of War collection is really good; granted - it's 2 PS2 games - but still great. 
I second KZ2. 

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