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The Community would beg to differ.

Look at all that anger, just look at it! Look at the user-reviews. you know what? Nevermind. It doesn't matter. I'm sure some people can never understand.

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Fuck you Alex, people like you are the same kind of fuckers that said Diablo 3 was a good game.

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Hit the nail on the head. thank you.

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Not quite. We need to realize that the solutions we put forward to fix our problems will never make EVERYONE happy. In fact, the solution may be worse than the problem it was designed to solve.

Perfect Example Piracy;DRM

I enjoy Videogames, they are my hobby. The videogames industry is to me, like a high-poly bar. You walk in, have a few beers, play some games, and enjoy yourself and have some fun.

It's not really the booth babes or the femenist movement that has me ticked off. It's the dangerous precedent that caving in to this kind of controversy creates. When will it end? When opinions that are diffrent to the norm are silenced? when all men in videogames are short, skinny glasses wearing nerds, and their alternate costumes are fat neckbeards? When all the women wear sweater vests and baseball caps? How much ground are we going to give these People? I don't want the videogames industry to become like the real world. I play videogames BECAUSE they aren't like the real world. Maybe I WANT to beat up on some slutty nuns, or I WANT to play as a big, muscular, smelly monster. I dont care how offensive it is. As long as I am not hurting anyone. And as long as it brings me enjoyment. Why should I have to worry whether or not what I do in MY game offends anyone? It ISN'T the real world, and as such it shouldn't be treated like it. I don't play games because I wan't to be some pencil-necked chump who gets bossed around by a woman. I play videogames because I DON'T.

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Jesus Patrick. I have to read a lot of politically correct bullshit at my job, when I come home to plop down and play/read up on some vidya. I want VIDYA ,not this fucking tripe. This "First-World discrimination" issue is the oldest cash grab in the book. Quite frankly, it's at a level so elementary these days that it might as well be up their with sibling rivalries. You want to talk about Discrimination against Women? Look up a friendly little place called SAUDI ARABIA or The Republic of the Congo, THEN we can have that discussion. Until then we need to look around and be thankful that we have what we have, and quit bitching about what we don't. Nothing is perfect, for ANYONE. And it never will be, we need to realize this. Only then will we truly evolve as a society.

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Soul Calibur V

I expected so much more

also diablo 3, beat it in 3 hours, realized it was pay to win, and never touched it again

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This is what I think about Geoff's Announcement


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Mass Effect

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Chrono Trigger 2

or at least a Persona MMO

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unfortunatley yes. the democrats by and large don't support the legislation so far as I know. But Republican/Democrat has nothing to do with It. I'd give you Obama's email if I had it. Every person on Capitol hill needs to know we will not stand for this.