Some Wii Time

My brothers been at school all day so I used that time to play around on his Wii a little bit. I realized that i personally think Miis are kind of lame, and when I own my own Wii I will probably just make one for me and thats it. I did some looking around on the VC and Wiiware. The VC contains some gems I might download but only if I can't find them at a retro store somewhere first. The Wiiware only had a couple of titles that appealed to me, but I'm pretty sure theres some good stuff on there :) 
I tried out Wii Sports and for the first time Wii Sports Resort. They still feel like a collection of minigames I will only mess around with friends on, but I'm pretty sure thats what they're supposed to be :) Tried playing The Conduit online and it's really hard for me to get into the controls. I guess I would just have to play more before jumping right into online.  
So then I popped in Metroid Prime Trilogy, one of my own games, and played the first Prime for a bit. it was absolutely amazing like always :) Once again, the controls take a bit of getting used to, but Nintendo did such an amazing job with it :) Once I get my own Wii I will have to go back and beat MP1, MP2E, and MP3C :) 
Anyways I've been sifting through the glut of crappy games out for Wii to try and make an okay list of some must haves: 
No More Heroes (Loved it but never got to beat it)
No More Heroes 2 (Heard it was even better then the first)
Dead Space Extraction (I'm a hug Deadspace Fan, and I love On-Rail Shooters) 
Metroid: Other M (Big Metroid Fan, this one looks new )
Super Mario Galaxy (Loved it, Favortie 3d Mario)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Hear its even better then the first)
Zack and Wiki (Absolutely loved this game) 
Okami (Amazing art masterpiece/zelda-esque adventure game!) 
New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Play it at my girlfriends house all the time) 
Trauma Center Second Opinion and New Blood (Beat both of these games, but still love them) 
So there are some must haves. I also understand there are some other good ones (Boom Blox, World of Goo, etc. That I will probably try) 
Also I left off some games: Twilight Princess (I have it on Gamecube) SSBB (I'm an avid Melee tourney fan, but Brawl just doesnt cut it for me) etc. 
Any suggestions would be nice! :D

Starcraft is always there for me :)

It seems like sense I was about 10 whenever I would get bored of my games and want to play something a little different I could always unbox my Starcraft and play it for hours. Here I am, 19 now and the same still holds true, i just played for awhile and it's just as fun as always. I have to remember to put that on my favorite games of all time haha. 
Anyways, I've been working a lot lately to save up some money to move out next month. Plus i have Bonnaroo coming up :) (Anyone else going?) Whenever I get time I play some Leafgreen, I'm still trying to build a kickass team. So far I have Parasect, Vaporeon, Charizard, Primape, Hypno, and Raichu, all around Lv.30. I've been closely monitoring the attacks I let them learn so as a team they can take down anything. Leafgreen/Firered is my favorite Pokemon games because it reminds me so much of my first amazing trip through Kanto, except now abilities, more pokemon, breeding, etc. make it even better. 
Also I took my Brother to get a Black Wii today, so he's loving that. It's good for me too because I still have some games from when mine broke (Metroid Prime Trilogy here I come!) I can play on his until I get my own sometime this summer I guess :)

Hello Giantbomb!

Thought I'd make an account on Giantbomb to help keep up with my gaming progress and whatnot. :) As of now I am without a "this gen" system, but it's fine. i never grow bored of my beautiful Gamecube. I have Mario Kart Double Dash!! in right now, trying to take down 150cc mode and it's starting to get on my nerves. And Rainbow road is just a horrible track haha. 
When not playing around on my Gamecube, I'm trudging through Leafgreen version, level grinding and looking for some good pokemon to fill my team. After I beat it I still have Emerald and Platinum waiting for me (I've already destroyed Heartgold haha).  
So anyways, I've been doing some hard thinking lately and will probably pick up a Nintendo Wii this summer. After I get moved out and go to Bonnaroo of course though. I miss my Wii ever since it broke and I know I'll have to dig through some horrible titles to find those gems (Just like the Gamecube) but it'll be worth it. Plus I'm hoping they announce some new Zelda stuff at E3, that always gets my heart pumping. I have Twilight Princess for Gamecube and I tried playing some of it the other day and it feels a little lackluster, I guess it was just built better for the Wii. :) 
Well I'm going to go play some Double Dash I guess, but I'll be back on later :)