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holy shit!

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Why come? Not battlefieldy enough? buildings collapsing from explosives isn't fun?

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" It's ok should last until black ops comes out...btw the spawn points are the worst I ever seen on a big title release...u spawn in front of battle n sometimes in the wide open where u get snipe in seconds...It's the second game in a row were DICE encourages sniping too much, like I said I like it but could be better...rank 1998 "

I feel like a lot of it is sniper town! Sometimes it makes you think, but when you spawn and die 1 second later (6 times in a row) it sucks! It would be nice to at least see where the damn sniper is!
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Battlefield Bad Company 2! I used to play Medal of Honor way back on the PC, switched over to Call of Duty just like everyone else. I loved Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, but I never quite loved the multiplayer like I did in Battlefield 2. I thought maybe the latest MOH might blend Modern Warfare 2 with Battlefield Bad Company 2 since DICE worked on it. What a disappointment. To me some of the Maps feel cramped, I don't quite love the way the weapons feel and being able to simply call and an enemy on the minimap without a perk doesn't seem unreasonable to me but dang it's not there. I do like the simplified 3 classes after playing for a couple hours but I still have some levels to hit in Bad Company 2.

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feel better man

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hey alpha protocol guy sorta looks like vinnie!

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mmm.. seeing as how i have a job and don't get home in time for xplay any more..... sigh....

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OK that's it, i'm watchin his show. sold. done.

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worst I ever did so decades on ago. A friend of mine and I were playing Ikari Warriors on the NES after what seemed like 6 hours of playing my character died and got stuck on some pipes so i died didn't continue and my friend marched on dodging the missles flying at him. I mashed in the magic continue code frantically A, B, B, A continued got stuck again and all of the sudden... the NES froze up. We both screemed. i threw my controller against the wall, ripped the game out of my NES spat in it and finally threw it in the yard. I got it out of the yard later fucking game still worked.