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I got it about 4 or 5 months ago and haven't stopped playing it since i got it. Feels more like skating to me than tony hawk. it's cool to just ride around and flip to rails. Actually, it's been about 6 years since i've skated and this game made me want to pick up my board again (i'm so rusty). I like that it's not quite a sim ,but not as ridiculous as the tony hawk games. I haven't been into a skating game this much since THPS2 but then again i only played that through once and i got tired of it pretty quick.

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legacy of kain was so great. I actually replayed LOK and the Soul Reaver series not too long ago. Blood omen is really good if you're looking for more of the story too.

And if you haven't tried it Jade empire is great.

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Yeah, it's killin' me. Marketing sucks. People around my office are actually starting to use the term for site redesigns and pullin' the ol' 2.0 out too. I have to go find a window to jump out.

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So I sitting here at work working. When my rss reader for kotaku says something about the sales of next gen systems.  The listed systems of course are 360, ps3, and wii. I don't know about you guys but I've had 2 of the 3 gaming systems for over a year and a half now so why in the hell are they still being called next-gen? And if we keep calling the current gen next gen what are we going to call the next batch of consoles? Next gen 2.0

Hey maybe we're all playing gaming machines from the future that aren't out yet b/c they're too costly to be manufactored now!

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well fable 2 is hitting soon. that's gonna be great.

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Ok, I really want this game super bad. But, I've waited for it this long and with a ten hour campaign (or so i've heard) I'm expecting people will resell this like crazy. I'm thinking of waiting a few weeks and just picking it up half price used online. Or games that don't sell seem to have pretty substantial price drops (at least $20) after a few weeks or months. I just bought burnout paradise for 30 bucks I like it but i'm glad i didn't pay 60 4 months ago.

How do you guys think it will sell? I don't see most people getting past the controls.

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I just got it too. feels alot like midnight club 3 to me. which is great that one of my all time favorite racing games. Wish they had more on the record time setting on streets and showtime. seems like you get alot of instructions after you have done something.