First Blog Entry, Sure Wish It Was On A Positive Note

Now, I'm not a big "blog guy." I don't blog often, hell, I don't even post on forums all that often. And email? Fuggitaboutit. But the recent passing of Ryan Davis inspired me to blog. So, here it goes, since I don't know how to do this stuff. And apologies in advance, because it's going to be more awkward than tuxedo fitting at grandma's.

I don't get attached to internet personalities. That's it, simple as that. They either have offensive personal beliefs, or they are rather annoying, or I just don't vibe with their views(Usually, it's that one.) But Giant Bomb? That was something different. They weren't just a "Game Review Website Dot Com Slash Serious Shit Dot Pee Aach Pee", they seemed to be some dudes getting together, talking about games, and just having a great time. I could get behind that idea, because hey, who hasn't entertained ideas of making a website where "we talk about games, brah, it's awesome."? And Ryan was one of the key personalities I got behind, because not only was he hilarious, but he was really passionate. About games, and the game industry in general. He had a way when it came to talking about games that just kinda made sense. He got excited about great games, and not so great games, he dissed with expected vitriol. He claimed to be mean, but, he wasn't mean, he was human. He was a great human, and he will be missed. By the staff of Giant Bomb, by his family, by the community, and by me.

I have to close this by saying, I'm not religious, but if there is a Heaven and Ryan Davis isn't in it, critiquing the hell outta games, then that's not any sort of Heaven I wanna go to.

Rest in Peace, Ryan. You got that final Achievement.