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I really wish the internet existed, like, 300 years ago instead of what it is now. Did people always shitpost and broadcast vile opinions, or is all of this a modern symptom?

People have always anonymously shitposted, even way back in ancient Rome.(Talking about graffiti that people would paint on walls saying stuff like "Caesar loves the dong" or whatever).

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@milkman: I think the only thing that would satisfy GamerGate would be for video games to go back to simple He-Man Woman Haters Club Power Fantasy games, and women to go back to the kitchen/nursery/laundry room, or whatever weird thing they think.

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Damn internet people, stop getting that angry about women in video games. They're games, for christ's sake! Why the hell are people so god damn upset that some women want to make games that they want to play? I mean, death threats? Doxxing? All because someone looked at games, as they are right now, and thought "Hey, this doesn't jive with my interests/likes/hobbies, I'll make something for me and people with like-minded interests"? I mean, damn, don't worry, the male-fantasy games are definitely not going anywhere(I'm a big fan of those types of games as well), so why not have some games from a different perspective?

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@spudbug said:

Reading so many people saying how they feel awkward about getting sad or crying over ryan because they never met him, don't.

There are a lot of people that you've met that you don't know half as well as Ryan. Our lives will go on and certainly none of us are affected in the way any of the Giant Bomb crew, his family, or his friends are, but it doesn't make what you feel less valid.

Let it out, duders. Just don't forget that he would still want to be making people smile.

Agree completely.

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@jnal: Trust me, it's perfectly honest to feel the way you feel. Hell, I never met the man, but I've been in tears for the past hour(Which I'm sure the alcohol has something to do with) because, let's face it, for a lot of us, Ryan and the rest of the crew were a staple in our day to day activities. And now part of that has been taken from us, and it's hard to deal with that.

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I wouldn't say "Bless Ryan Davis", I'd say we were blessed to spend a little bit of life with Ryan Davis; we were truly the blessed ones.

Good post though, very touching.

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It probably won't sink in for me until the gang starts to do content with some regularity again. Like, I'm going to think I'm over it and then they'll be doing GOTY stuff and Ryan's list will be missing, and I'll just start bawling.

All I'm gonna say is, my best of 2013: Ryan Davis.

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We should all play Cards Against Humanity in Ryan's honor. He loved the shit out of that game.

I spent a good hour trying to find that TNT, solely because of a small clip I saw on youtube of the guys playing it.

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@simplexity: Hey, I understand. Trust me, if you have friends or family who care, they will understand as well. I mean, look at how some people are when a celebrity passes. This isn't any different, so don't feel weird that you have the feelings you have.

#10 Posted by revolve (33 posts) -

@simplexity: Duder, I know I've never spoken to you before, and for all you know I could be an elaborate spambot trying to sell you ch33p h3rb@l #ci@lis, but if you need to vent, hit me up. I'm sorta experienced in grief counseling

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