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The craziest idea I can think of for this is a name change for fez II

and main character from fez getting shot and dies

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right now probably would be cross channel

I accept that they're all broken people but...damn is all I have to say

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I don't know if they should continue this when not enough persons were interested. They may not be able to stop I guess if work has already been done.

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Muv luv Alternative had an epic bittersweet ending

you fight aliens that took out 5 billion people on earth

It was pretty much just like mass effect 2's suicide mission

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I liked the twist ending of the original I wonder how they do this one

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Damn! Here I was thinking another stupid giantbomb joke is at work

and then...I wished it was...

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I need to finish visual novels I start or I wont be able to think straight

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feels like some domestic violence case begging for forgiveness from the victim that it will never happen again

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I will be playing on the PC to play Devil on the G-string

and end it with the muvluv series

I'm just bored with shooters right now

Its out of my comfort zone but hey I'm really really bored