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I want to share it with someone. Vinny's storytelling is just so much better and funnier than mine.

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I don't know about the bombcast but he definitely tells that story in one of's "dadcasts" on their "this is only a test" podcast, but unfortunately I don't know which one =( so I guess I'm not being that helpful.

I haven't watched/listened to any of those, so I'll look them up. Thanks!

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Could anyone tell me which podcast it was that Vinny was talking about turning around and seeing his son Max holding a knife? I know it was a long while back, I think it was even before we lost Ryan. I've tried looking around for it but I can't find anything to give me a clue about which podcast it was.

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With the amount of comments on this article, I don't think anyone will ever read this. That's okay though. I'd say I'm surprised at just how many comments there are, but I'm not surprised at all. Ryan was a genuinely cheerful and funny guy that everyone loved to listen to and laugh with; Giant Bomb will never, ever be the same without him. At the very least he had the time of his life with the people he loved before he died, so for what it's worth, he was happy. R.I.P. Ryan.

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I'm not too concerned about not being able to play Gamecube games since that feature has been gone for quite a while (new versions on the Wii don't even have the Gamecube controller ports), but no internet might be a deal breaker. I want virtual console games!

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I recently rented The ICO & SOTC HD Collection. It didn't come with a manual. There are no tutorials in either game; no button prompts or "Press SQUARE to swing your sword" text. So you know what I did? I figured it out on my own. It's not hard.

I wish that game developers would stop assuming that I can't figure out how to control their game. Maybe it's not the developers though, maybe it's the publishers saying, "No, your game has to have this in it because it's an industry standard." Either way, it should stop.