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Thanks for the hard work guys. I know the timing sucks.

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Is anyone having any recent issues with this? I have had two Rokus linked for about a year now and I just updated one of my Rokus to a 3 and I can't link my account on it. I did a factory reset on the one I replaced and have removed and added the channel a couple times but every time I enter the code to link accounts nothing happens no matter how long I stay on the screen. Please help!

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I have no problem with Patrick bringing attention to this topic, I just have a problem with him ending it by pointing an accusatory finger at Tecmo. Was it not only a couple weeks ago Giant Bomb was giving away free codes for DOA costume packs on TNT? How is adding subscription incentive by giving away content that is apparently part of the problem not somewhat hypocritical?

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If you are a hardcore gamer, a term I try to use sparingly, without a casual gamer in the household, you can stop reading this post now. You probably weren't reading this in the first place considering that 4 letter console in the title, but it was fair warning nonetheless.

The Wii U was misunderstood from day 1, and will continue to be misunderstood. I want to tell you why the Wii U is the perfect fit for me, and how it could be for you too. Granted this console has not even been out for a week, so opinions given here do need to be taken with certain grain of salt.

Super Mario Bros. U

When Nintendo first showed off their prized plumber for the Wii U, you could say I was more than a little bit skeptical of how the GamePad would really add to the experience. There were videos showing the new Boost Mode which allows you to place blocks on the screen to assist other players in getting to hard to reach areas or past difficult jumps. I never thought that my girlfriend would have any interest in looking at a 6.2” display while tapping the stylus on the screen to help me get that last coin. I was looking at it all wrong. The Boost Mode is really suited for the serious gamer. Now hear me out on this.

Mario is about jumping, and a lot of it, with precision. This can be frustrating for longtime gamers, but guaranteed to be infuriating for those less serious ones. How can this be remedied? You add the ability to save those suspenders from falling to a certain death! It takes quick reflexes and forward thinking to place blocks exactly where they are needed, and the best part about it is, the worse the other player is at playing the game the more challenging and exciting it is for you to keep them alive. They could not make it any easier to drop in to add that extra hand either.

For someone with smaller hands, or even less gaming muscle memory (it’s a thing, look it up), they will probably want to be playing Mario with the Wii Remote vs. the GamePad. It has less buttons and is easier to hold for long periods of time. This means that the GamePad is sitting there at your disposal whenever it’s convenient for you. This really clicked with me this morning while my girlfriend was playing a quick game while I was getting ready for work. She was struggling with a particular section of jumps, so I sat down, pulled out the stylus and guided her way to victory. There was no pausing or interruption of any kind, I just simply saw a damsel in distress and came to arms with stylus in hand. She later arrived at a castle that required me to pay much more attention, but also rewarded us both with an experience that is not possible with current day consoles.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

I will try to keep this explanation as to why the Wii U is right for me brief; as I’m sure I've already lost most of you due to lack of being relatable or simply to YouTube for the top 10 tomahawk kills from your favorite FPS.

The potential for the GamePad to remove the need for split-screen gaming has been well covered and is pretty easy to see. What is more subtle, however, is how this interaction can actually even out the playing field for those of us looking to have a good time actually competing against those less inclined in the art of pressing buttons.

For those of you who aren't aware, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a kart game. Despite the rubber band effect that comes with any kart game, it can be tough to actually enjoy one without real competition, and I mean real both in the sense of direct and living. The first advantage that is given to a user of the GamePad is obvious; they have analog sticks to control those tedious corners while you are relegated to a d-pad or motion controls, an instant handicap. Sure, this same handicap existed with the original Wii if you were to give up possession of the classic controller, but now with the display on the GamePad the stakes have been raised. Not only does the GamePad allow for more fluid controls, but it gives the competitive advantage of secrecy. I can’t see what’s on their screen, but they can very well see what’s on mine. Just like the times where you punched your friend for peeking at your corner of the split-screen to get the upper hand on your position, now that is actually fair game for those who need that advantage. Better yet, you get what you want because you have the full, vibrant 1080p screen to yourself. I say vibrant, because especially in regards to Sonic Racing, there is a lot, and I mean a lot going on in those environments that you can appreciate as an avid gamer.

If you've made it this far, hopefully you are in the position to see the potential this system has to offer. I can’t say I wouldn't have written a similar post for the Wii U’s predecessor during the same release window, as we all know how those Wii Remotes first swept us off our feet. I will say, however, I do not miss the days of flailing my arms in hopes of better things to come. For me, six years later that day has finally come, and I couldn't be happier for it.