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@noizy: How about this: "video games are for children so if I was a child I'd be excited about this, but I am an adult and I need something a little more sophisticated than a bad dreamworks cartoon."

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"Gamergate" or whatever the fuck it's called is a prime example that video games are children's toys for children and will be so eternally. Who actually gives a flying fuck about any of this. I feel like I'm slowly dying, wasting precious seconds of my life everytime I see it brought up.

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Guess what Activision, you are making a Zombie FPS. Let me tell you how much this sucks ass.

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What the fuck -- what rewind?

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So... that's a thing.

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"Question is, can they make money on that system while still keeping the price reasonable for consumers? If any of the current rumors circulating around are true, then that doesn't sound too far fetched"

The question really is "Can they make money on a system that no one really wants to buy."

They really gotta convince us that this thing is worth owning beyond "HEY NEW MARIO" because I'm pretty much burnt out on Zelda's Mario's etc (or maybe I'm just getting old).

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@Lemegeton said:

Bioware do notplease re-write the ending of Mass Effect 3 . you will seriously hurt the industryprovide appropriate closure to your story and destoryimprove the integrity of video game writing by being accountable for poor writing. if you give in to these fuckbagspeople who are upset with a bad ending no writer worth a damn will want to work in videogames anymoreallow themselves to produce sub-par work and expect praise for it. Grow a goddamn spine. If you want to ADD to the ending in DLC then go right ahead but if you alter the original ending then you are sending this industry down a very bad roadtoward some artistic redemption and accountability.

I fixed a few parts of your statement to make it more accurate.

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@Nefarious_Al said:

Nice to see people still shitting on the entire FGC over Aris being an ass.

Nobody in the FGC actually wants sexual harassment of it's female participants. Other than Aris apparently. They do however want to keep the raw and underground vibe that makes the scene what it is. Shit talking and disdain for your opponent is what makes the FGC the FGC. How hard is that to understand? Sometimes fights break out, but it is not the norm and it is not okay with the FGC when it happens people get banned from where they fought for months at a time.

As I said in an earlier post I abhor the use of racial, homophobic or female degrading speech that gets used by the gaming community at large not just in the FGC. However I don't mind letting a guy I just beat know I think he is shit and not on my level. It goes both ways I've been on the end of a pop off or two as I tasted the not so sweet taste of defeat at the hands of an opponent at the arcade. That just fueled me to get better and get my revenge. Also just to be clear I don't tell everyone I play they are fucking trash after I beat them. The shit talking builds over a long set of going back and forth or after someone talks shit to me. That happens when you get people competing and trying their hardest to best an opponent.

Play me on XBL and you are likely to get a GG most of the time out of me after a good set.

Miranda and everyone on Cross Assault shouldn't have had to put up with Aris for sure. That said Miranda quitting as she did was insanely bad form. That is my only gripe with how she handled the situation. I do feel bad she folded under the pressure of the situation and Aris being a dick to her and everyone else on the show. She plays at Keystone though she isn't new to some colorful language.

Aris fucked up and I don't condone his actions or words. He was no doubt fucking around though and it no doubt made Miranda uncomfortable. A bad day for the FGC for sure. I hope Miranda bounces back and doesn't leave the FGC. She quit on herself and that might take some time get over.

As for Aris he is part of the FGC. He isn't going anywhere. His brand of humor is definitely not for everyone and most people might not find him funny at all. I usually find him amusing although not so much in this case. An awful lot of comedians say some pretty fucked up shit and yet we somehow move on as a society. This will blow over despite all these articles painting the FGC as a bunch of misogynist pigs.

Also since I'm writing a book here the FGC doesn't need million dollar pots we play for the love of the game and the competition that breeds. Videogames are not sports and it's players are not athletes. Top players may display a high degree of skill and mental acuity that doesn't make them sports stars. The competition is as real as anything on earth though.

Now to listen to the bombcast and hear the guys shit on the FGC. Should be fun.

This entire post is a bunch of childish bullshit. Your maudlin defense about how "you just don't get it, man we HAVE to talk trash. It's the spirit of the SCENE" is just ridiculous. It's entirely possible to have a competitive, interesting game without a bunch of immature lunatics fucking it up. If you actually believe that the shit-talking part of gaming and the racist/homophobic/misogynist part aren't intrinsically bound then you need to re-evaluate your understanding of the terms. I fully support Miranda or whomever else leaves this program in whatever fashion because it's an appropriate statement on how abhorrent these people are. The people who stay and condone this person (who lest we forget, was chosen by Capcom to represent the best the scene has to offer) aren't in the wrong, but those who left should be applauded for their ability to stand up to the worst part of gaming.

e: Heads up to whoever thinks this: it doesn't matter that "Rape that bitch" was said in the heat of a moment, its a fucked up thing to say and there is no defense for saying it in any venue.