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All it takes is practice. Practice practice practice. Lots of practice.

Also, don't expect to be able to play Metallica and Zepplin when you first learn guitar. Start with The Ramones and Bob Dylan.

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Seeing as how I don't have any current gens beside the Wii (hooked up to a huge widescreen HDTV in my family's living room) the only thing I have hooked up to an HDTV is a Dreamcast via VGA cable and a PS2 via component (the Dreamcast looks superior, btw). Everything else runs through a small RF TV I've had since the SNES days.

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Tech Romancer, sadly, I have never played, but look forward to one day.

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way said:
"I doubt any of you heard of these games, let alone play them, but being a Dreamcast fan, these are the best games on the Dreamcast."
Quit with your arrogance, Mr. Troll. The Dreamcast is my console of choice. It gets more play than anything else I own. There are a lot of really kickass games out there and if you get a VGA HD Cable for it your DC it looks better than the PS2, Gamecube, and Wii do in HD. In fact, it looks better than the PS2 in general.

My top 10:

1) Jet Set Radio
2) Rez
3) Shenmue
4) Capcom vs SNK 2
5) Street Fighter III: Third Strike
6) Ikaruga
7) Garou: Mark of the Wolves
8) Power Stone 2
9) Soulcalibur
10) Cosmic Smash
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Videogames in general need to start looking at maturing as an artform if they're going to survive in the long term. For most gamers maturity means violence, boobs, and overuse of the word "fuck", and many literary and art types refuse to acknowledge videogames as an actual artform because a lot of the games regarded as classics usually have horrible plots or some other flaw that prevents accesibility to anyone but gamers.

Would type more on this subject but I'm kinda tired and thusly can't organize my thoughts very well at the moment.

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The whole thing reminds me of Chex Quest now that I've thought about it more.

Also, I'm bummed because I've never gotten a game for free with any food product ever. Chex Quest I didn't get because I never liked Chex but a friend of mine gave me the disc when I was younger because he had two of them or something like that.

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Silent Hill was the only one I've actually, seriously liked.

Other game to film adaptations:

Street Fighter: It is great and it is cheesy. Bought the recently released Special Edition DVD the other day and I plan on watching it tonight because I imagine the director's commentary is going to be the best, most self-loathing and full of vitriol thing since Joel Schumacher's commentary for Batman Forever.

Street Fighter II - The Animated Movie: Kickass. Watch in Japanese with English subtitles. The dub's not bad either, and the dub music actually kinda fits the movie but makes it feel differently, so buying the Special Edition DVD basically gives you two movies in one.

Resident Evil Trilogy: I hate these movies. The first one wasn't horrible, but Resident Evil isn't supposed to be serious business. It's supposed to have cheesy acting and ridiculous situations that somehow feel right in the context of the game. I am watching Degeneration this evening, probably before Street Fighter.

Advent Children: Pretty. Also vapid.

Max Payne: I refuse to watch this because I loved the games so much.

Super Mario Bros: Watch this smashed with friends and you will have a good time. When viewed sober it is horrible.

Fatal Fury: Captured the spirit of the games perfectly and was fun to watch. Anime adaptations of video games seem to usually be better than live-action adaptations.

Art of Fighting: Anime adaptation, did not capture the spirit of the games very well and also sucked as an anime. Not worth the $7 it would cost you to buy on DVD, really not worth your time at all.

And those are the ones I've seen that I remember.

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This thread is reaching
epic potential and I
just wrote a bad haiku

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FallOut Boy is overly pretentious in a way that puts Morrisey to shame (but not Tool), has no energy, seems to be more pre-occupied with their looks than their music, hasn't made a truly great album since "Take This to Your Grave" (one of the best pop-punk albums in the past 5 years, in my opinion), and is, quite possibly, the most manufactured non-manufactured band I've ever seen. The song writing is horrible, and, like HexPane, I can't get into their music emotionally (unlike HexPane I can't really get into Dinosaur Jr emotionally but I also spent all evening listening to their "You're Living All Over Me" album and also listened to a bit of "Green Thumb" on the way to work this morning and I'll be damned if those aren't a great albums, love them musically but just can't stand some of J Mascis's lyrics). I'm pissed because I've listened to to "Take This to Your Grave" and I know they could be writing great music but they're so preoccupied with being pop stars that their music seems to be the last thing on their agenda and as a musician myself I see that as selling your fanbase short.

I do admire Handsomedead for actually standing up for this band though. You know what you like and don't really care a whole lot  as to who likes it, and that says a lot about a person.

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I don't see how people can see this as depressing. All they're probably giving away is digital downloads of the game and you're getting a free pack of string cheese with it, which is fucking kickass. Don't think of it as degrading a game that was amazing back in 2003 (5 YEARS AGO, although it still kicks ass today), think of it as getting the game to a wider audience.

Some kid's mom's going to buy him this string cheese and he's going to download the game using his free code, thinking "oh, I could do worse than play this FREE PC game I've never heard of" and his mind's going to be blown.