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Don't tread on my pennies.

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When you said the Skyrim bug, I thought you were talking about how, when I pick up items in the game since getting Dawnguard, gravity is reversed in the opposite direction.

Makes decorating your house even worse.

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@chrismafuchris: I refuse to be the cause of your death by food. I prefer fire.

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@No0b0rAmA said:

@lxXShiroXxl said:

@Irvandus: implying you'll find anything decent on steam.

I'm being serious here, Steam is terrible.

Gaben is a money vacuum, storing your hard earned cash in his fat by making you buy cheap games you never play.

At least put some fucking effort into it man.

It's the new way to Troll. Their comments don't work as well as they use to anymore, so now they're getting to you by not even trying.

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Everyday I fight for survival against every single spider in the world. You telling me that number has been reduced to 6000? Easy.

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I'll quickly play through the Mass Effect ending to be reminded about why I hated it so I can finally come to terms with it, and then wash the smell of disappointment off me with Dawnguard.

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He's a little fat in the face to be Patrick.

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Part of me is just really curious what the achievements for Persona 4 for look like.

Aha, is this our chance? - 25P

-Invited Chie over for Christmas-

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Read the article. Amazing that he could just move on like that if all this works out. I feel like this is something I'd never be able to forgive anyone for.

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@CookieMonster: As a Spaniard, I feel I should warn you Spanish people are kinda racist so you might want to watch out for that. If you stick out it might make you a bigger target for pickpockets and swindlers.