Best of 2009

So this is my Best of 2009 list. It is tough narrowing it down to 10 but I think these picks fit the bill effectively. As a word of warning, I have yet to play a few games that would most likely pop up on this list as well. They are the following: Borderlands, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Demon's Souls. Borderlands is that one game I have to play, I know. Nonetheless, here are my picks and comments along with each of them.

List items

Posted by goth_bacon

Battlefield??  really?

Posted by RHCPfan24
@goth_bacon: Yeah, son!! That game owned my summer....I really really loved it. I probably won't play it again for awhile but it had some of the best moments (in gaming) of the year for me.
Posted by DrPockets000

No Borderlands? :( 
But FALLOUT 3!!!! Yeah!