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vidiot said:
This thread just gave me a huge flash back for some reason.While not tempted to buy a Sega Saturn, this ... [more]
Good post! Actually it brought to my mind this:

I haven't ever played any of the Gex series games, so I always wondering what could possibly relate this beautiful blonde to a gecko. I stared at the magazine ads of this game with interest, but at the end I never bought it. It was too obvious that she served as a bait. And the target group for this game were boys under the age of 10.  Too young to appreciate nudity, but old enough to have a faster heart beat with their foreign language teacher, who every single one of them looked like the girl next to Gex.

Now that I think of it...

 Why chicks are always put to the left? Is there some special cryptic symbolism to this? Is that the first thing the cover-box designers learn to their school, or something?

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In other words, which image (image in the wider sense) really impressed you, even tempted you to buy a game, or generally had the biggest impact on you. I'm a little older, and so the strongest video-game sex image in my mind, would probably be the female warrior in the front cover of  Barbarian 2  in the late 80's. Inside the box, besides the cassette and the instructions, there was a fairly big poster of hers too. Don't think anything "naughty", I was too little at that time.

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I'm going to be heretic. I think Final Fantasy 2 was the best!
Ok, ok! I'm joking. FF7 of course. Not only is the best title in the series, but together with Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid, took video-games a step forward. In fact it were exactly those that changed video-games from being the solitary hobby of some nerdy kids, to a main-stream form of entertainment, and one of the most active industries in the global market.

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The original PS1 release of  "Castlevania. Symphony of the Night". I'm not sure though that I would ever played it. I downloaded it from XBL, and I wasn't particularly impressed. But the PS1 disc is considered a collector's item, and that's why I would like to have it. 
Also other games that would probably interest me a lot are: Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner, Baldur's Gate. Dark Alliance 2, Syberia 1& 2, Warcraft 2, but like the case of Castlevania, they are hard to be found and thus expensive.

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I'm the same as you with discs, and books as well. I think you shouldn't entirely exclude the on-line shopping. I've bought 6 second-hand games from eBay, and I was quite satisfied from their condition. The key is to buy from good sellers who have always the honesty to sescribe accurately the condition of the games that they are selling. Also, regarding the disk failure, there is a slight posibility, that it's the console which is malfunctioning. Especially if the console is aged, and is exposed in an environment with smoke.  Also DVD movies is said, that they can corrupt very rapidly the laser-lense of the PS2 console.

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No UMD support? Does this mean, that the UMD games we've bought will be unplayable on the new system? I've seen this before...

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I own more than 300 games, from Commodore 64 era to PS3 and X360, and according to Gamespot's calculations the value of 300 of them is $6.000, but this number has nothing to do with the real amount of money spent on these games. Roughly I would say that the two thirds of my collection are games that I bought at a reduced price, an average amount of €30-35. The other one third are games that I bought them either at a really low price €10-15, or at a very high price €50 or 60!. Of course theese calculations aren't so much accurate because half of my games were bought with the old national currency before the arrival of Euro. Very confusing...
Anyway if I multiply 300 games with an average price of €30 each, then the result is €9.000, or $11.700. Let's say over than $12.000, because I own about 20-30 more, than these 300 games, which were published by not so known companies and they are not listed at all in GameSpot's records.

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Final Fantasy 7.

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Final Fantasy 7: the best game I have played in any console until now.
Other games that I loved were: Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, ISS Pro Evolution, Silent Hill and Civilization 2

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I'm not sure, I believe it must had been either Colin McRae, or Tekken. The first game I bought, when I got my own console, was World Cup 98.