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I play all my games with notifications off, so achievments haven't been a big draw for me, ever. But I totally see your point, this is the only game in a LONG time where I seriously can't stop playing. I have a massive backlog of games I never finish, but Dark Souls show up and just pushes away everything else.

Notifications off: I wish there was this option for the PS3 trophies as well. Not that I reject them, but some times I really don't like them popping up and to ruin all the atmosphere that the game tried to build.

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My advice is . . . don't buy her a game. What are you thinking?

I suppose, yes it's the safest option.

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@Meowayne said:

flower. How is that even a question

yes, but I want it to be a retail game, not downloadable one.

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@N7 said:

Definitely not Assassin's Creed. That game has no difficulty level and has been known to increase the suicide rates. But honestly, I'm not really sure. Sims 3? Mass Effect 2? Lego Star Wars? LittleBigPlanet?

Yeah Assassin's Creed is beautiful to look at, but it gets very hard towards the end. I have forgotten that part...I almost had a nervous breakdown to finish it.

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@DjCmeP said:

Heavy Rain is a pretty easy game, it's just QTEs.

Yes good idea, I haven't thought of that!

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@caska said:

Yea my sister, who only plays the odd game, could easily play Uncharted 2 on the very easy mode. She's now in love with the franchise so it's probably the most accessible game as well. Uncharted 1 I think was a bit hard in places so with that one it could go either way. The second one is definitely the safer option. You could even try one of the Ratchet and Clank games as well? But I think Little Big Planet 2 might be the better option if you were to slide that way especially if you think she wont play it for too long.

Also I forgot to mention that I want a relatively cheap game (Platinum) so maybe Little Big Planet 1 would be better. lol

So you say U2 is easier than U1? I agree. My only concern is the first level in the museum, but overall it's easier.

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@Chop said:

You're a spellcaster, that means Duke's Archives should be your main priority. You get a bunch of new, bitchin' spells there.

Yes but I'm having trouble with Seath... I fought it three times with no result. I can't hit it. I found a path that leads to Crystal Caves, am I going to the right direction in order to fight Seath in a different battleground perhaps?

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I'm thinking to buy as a birthday gift a PS3 game for a colleague in the work and friend that she isn't a gamer, but she has a PS3 console. I was thinking to buy her Uncharted Drake's Fortune, which is a great game and has various levels of difficulty, starting from Very Easy. Uncharted 2 is an option too, but the first level requires a stealth approach so I'm afraid she might get stuck pretty early. Dead Rising 2 is also a fun and easy to get into game, but I'm not sure if she can understand the whole "restart to make it easier" philosophy of the title. Assassin's Creed is also a stunning game. Resident Evil 5 is also a relatively simple game, but maybe not the most suitable for a beginner. Anyway I don't think she will actually sit down and beat any game that I will bring, but if she can play it for a couple of hours and have a positive impression from it I'm fine with that.

So any suggestions?

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@stoic665 said:

Don't really have much to add to what others have already said, but when you decide to go the Tomb of Giants do remember to bring the call light spell... it will save you a lot of pain and misery, trust me.

Yes I know, I have already explored the area around that yellow sealed (now open) passage. Without the light magic this place is pure torture.

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@golguin said:

Have you been putting points into vitality or endurance? Endurance should the bread and butter of anything since it allows for quick changes in armor and shield to be able to tank enemies that are giving you problems. My character is a pyro warrior at SL 60 and I can run through the Crystal Cave all the way to Seath without engaging a single enemy because my endurance is at 34. Do you have Havel's ring and armor? How about the Antiquated Set found in the lake with the hydra? Having that stuff will give you the poise and curse resistance needed to take on Seath.

Have you tried coop? Do you have humanity? If you don't have humanity grind the rats in the sewers until you have at least 5 so you can do some of those areas that are giving you trouble with some people. I wouldn't increase your level any more or you might make it harder to co op for those 3 bosses. I've been finding a good amount of people at SL 60 in those areas.

I have around 20 endurance, 23 vitality, 21 attunement (6 slots) and 32 Intelligence. Faith 18, strength 10, dexterity 12.

I haven't tried co-op and I'm very low in humanities. The Four Knights took care of that as well... The problem with Humanities is that for 90% of my tries in Duke's Archive I die miserably and I can't easily reach the point of my death. I have the anti-curse ring and some proper armour, but still I will leave it for later. My first experience with Seath and my entrapment after in Duke's Archives as cursed was really painful.

I'm thinking to upgrade a weapon with magic, since I'm high in Intelligence.