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I had no problem with soul arrows sorcery. Hit the warriors that are visible, ignore the invisible. Then go talk to the cat inside the ruins. Everything will look peaceful after. :)

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In case you were a bit confused from the comments, to sum it up: 1. Go down to the Abyss via New Londo Ruins. 2. There are three new areas that will be unlocked after you complete the Abyss. 3. The Abyss requires a certain ring to be equipped.

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Pretty much what EmptyApartment said. Be very careful and well prepared if you go to Duke's Archives and Crystal Caves. I don't want to write any spoilers. Huge frustration ahead. :(

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You mean, you put the Lordvessel to the Fireshink Altar? I'm at the same point. I guess you should go and fight with the three Lords in the three previously locked areas.

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I did some serious souls farming, leveled up a lot, upgraded to the end my Pyromancy Flame, killed the Four Knights, but ate dust in Duke's Archives. Huge frustration. At the end fortunately I escaped the damn place.

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Naturally. I can't play Dark Souls and live my life at the same time. lol

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@senorfuzzeh said:

How far is it till the end of game once you've just reached Anor Londo?

Very far away... Sorry. And it's the hardest part of the game, as if the previous part wasn't hard enough.

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Bandit's Knife (and Jagged Ghost Blade) causes bleeding, I'm sure about it (because I use it all the time :P) and it's relatively easy to find it.

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Unless you are a formidable player, by all means you need magic in order to survive. If I were you, from now on I would do some crazy soul farming and improve the attunement stats so that you can equip at least three magic spells. Pyromancy for powerful close combat hits, or Sorceries for weaker but ranged attacks, it's your choice.

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You need to play it online and consult the messages that other players left. That's what I do when I get stuck.