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Yeah Blighttown is annoying, but it is nothing compared to Duke's Archives, for a completely different reason. You will see what I mean when you will reach that point. Sen's Castle is frustrating also and New Londo Ruins.

All in all most areas of the game are frustrating and annoying.

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There is certainly a conspiracy against me so that I'm not able to play Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. I will explain myself as briefly as I can.

Last week I bought a copy of the game for the PC version (that was a tragic decision) only to realize soon after that I cannot save in this game! I posted the issue that I had in the Capcom Europe forum for techical support. It is usually a very active forum, and Dead Rising 2: Off The Record a new and popular game, so someone would help me right? Wrong. After a week I hade 0 replies. In the meantime I posted the same Save problem message in another gaming site that had a thread dedicated to DR2:Off The Record save problems! My lucky day I thought... I checked today, after a week to read all those replies that I expected to receive, but...but...my message was deleted!

The third route that I followed was to send e-mail to the technical department of Capcom. I keep sending them e-mails to three different addresses that they have for this purpose and one second later after I send my message I get an automated reply that my message cannot be delivered!

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with this game and this company? Thank you.

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No renting Dark Souls isn't a good idea. If you can't afford it right now, perhaps you might wait to buy it second hand, or from eBay that usually there are nice opportunities.

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I couldn't agree more. I have not played any game like this before, and I'm an old gamer. Perhaps you might consider getting a PS3 console. For Demon's Souls and other good games.

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@xyzygy said:

I'm going to attempt him tonight. I'm level 71 , with about 330 defense vs. physical and under 50% equip load with a dex based character with high endurance. I'm using the chaos blade +5 and longbow +10 but I'm guessing the longbow is useless in this fight... So I look forward to being totally owned later on!

I don't think you will have problem at so high level. Just remember to always stay behind him and you will be okay.

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I felt sorry when I casted my final soul arrow on its head and it started to erratically move its front legs for a couple of seconds before dying. But Sif had killed me like 15 times before, and I didn't even started this fight. He did. Sorry Sif. See you in NG+

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Great story and read! Same here, I was Royalty class in Demon's Souls and when I learnt the ropes of it, the whole playthrough was a breeze, with soul arrows and Claws. But here...things are different, almost "satanic" I could say. lol

There is also another big and fundamental for our survival in the game difference between the two titles: The timing of dodge. in Demon's Souls you dodge early, in Dark Souls you dodge at the last millisecond. Try to always have this in mind.

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@Kyelb22 said:

I just beat him tonight. I have my lvl 65 Knight/Pyromancer. I tried used the moonlight shield to quickly kill him. I was getting over 1000 dmg, but the charge time caused me to get hit, or if i blocked, the attacked would go right through my shield. So, I finally gave up, and switched to Havel's armor and a different shield, and I slaughtered him with my Lighting Zweihander +2. Worked better than I thought it would. :D

"slaughtered him" lmao! yeah, I'm looking forward to slaughter him soon myself too. lol

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@Humanity: That's what I love to do also in rpg. Return super-powerful and take my revenge on them. I used to do that in old Final Fantasy games. I remember in FF7 when I acquired the Knights of the Round materia + quadraple materia I swept everything in my way. lol In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night I also applied the same tactic. Even in Demon's Souls up to some point. But in Dark Souls this doesn't seem enough. I'm lv 60 but if I'm caught off guard, I can easily get killed even by mobs, frogs, rats, when being cornered.

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@ExplodeMode: Thanks! I feel super-confident now with all these tips. I will beat it! he he