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Pros, masochists, or Castlevania fans...just choose your class! 0

Castlevania, since that first installment in 1987, has always been an exceptional game series, known especially for its top quality gaming value, and its unique Gothic visual style. "The Dracula X Chronicles" is no exception. By getting the "Dracula X Chronicles", you have three superb games in one package: The enhanced version of "Rondo of Blood", plus as unlockable bonuses, the original version of "RoB", plus the legendary PS1 game "Symphony of the Night". So far so good. It would all be per...

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At half a price, you might see it with a more positive look. 0

As I visited today my local games store, among the known and shinny mega-hits of 2009, I caught with the tip of my eye "Beijing 2008" being offered at a bargain price. My immediate thought was "Who cares... I'm not going to buy a game that has such a bad reputation in the gamers’ community. And suddenly a crazy idea crossed my mind. What if I actually bought it? Nobody will have to know it... I approached the shelf and hold its case in my shaking hands, knowing that at this very moment I'm holdi...

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