I just got a whole wiki point....

....for asking the mods if i could add descriptions to the HL2 and episode 1 achievements.  Just got a "submission approved" PM and 1 wiki point, but I didn't do anything and I still can't add the descriptions....i'd still like to get that done, but i don't have an edit button on the achievements page

check it out a background that doesn't tile

i just picked a few games off the top of my head that i'm excited about and started eyeballing it and made a regular background at first.. but then i went a little ocd on it until it didn't tile, it looks perfect if you're running at 1920x1200 
a little crazy, or whaddya think?


sickly looking horse

so i picked up red dead redemption last night, sat down with it around 9 and played without moving until my wife finally came out and said 'go to bed, it's 1 o'clock!'  suffice it to say that i am sucked in to that world and loving it so far except one thing....wtf is up with the sickly looking horses? 
i was just screwing around, riding around randomly for a while, doin' the sandbox thing and i had some pelts and things to sell when i got back to town.  i went into the general store and sold my stuff so i had a buncha cash for the first time and i noticed they have like deeds or whatever for buying horses but only the first tier was unlocked.  for the low, low price of $100 i could buy one of 3 'sickly looking' horses.  i kind of didn't mean to but i ended up buying one and let me tell you, they are not kidding about sickly looking horses hahahah 
i thought i was on a wet mule that hadn't been fed in at least 5 months, so scrawny.. and i could see its ribs...it looked really mistreated and unhealthy, i actually felt bad for it and cursed the previous owner.  it was pretty slow and pathetic all the way around, i guess i don't know what i expected when i bought a sickly looking horse but i got one seriously sickly looking horse haha 
i'm 4 hours in and have gone through as many horses, i don't mean to be a horse killer, 2 were accidents and one i just left behind cuz i didn't like it....when do i get a lasso, i wanna try my hand at catching a wild one of my choice

Speak It! app and some damn efficient use of time

I found an app last night called Speak It! and so far i'm loving it.  Being a wannabe indie game dev myself I've been ramping up on the blog following of certain game developers and it was becoming a bit time-intensive.   So i thought, all this news and info is taking more and more time to ingest....i need my news condensed and injected directly into my cortex, son!      So i searched the app store for text to speech and found Speak It!
My time is already stretched pretty thin, I have a wife and two kids and a full time day job and i haven't found a way to get around that whole eating and sleeping thing (while maintaining my existence and my sanity)....all of these things take time and this app is going to allow me to take in an inordinate amount of info to the point that i'm pretty sure i'm breaking at least one law of physics.  I also listen to the bombcast, kotaku, maximum pc and the indie game dev podcast. 
I listened to Jonathan Blow's post about how he's doing terrain in The Witness (which was quite a long post) this morning on my way into work and it was being read to me surprisingly well by a lovely sounding British woman.  So instead of sitting in front of my computer and reading all of that, I maximized my time and listened to it on my drive into work.  That's amazing to me, I'm gonna be able to cram in a lot more and keep up with all of it, that is some seriously efficient use of time.  I can now listen to this stuff in any little down time i have during the day, while i'm driving or walking somewhere, or while i'm drinking or doing yard work..or both!
I copied his whole post, pasted it into an email and sent it to myself.  Then i checked my email on my phone and copied and pasted it from there into Speak It and it worked perfectly.  I even pasted in his screen shots, his post in its entirety and Speak It handled it no problems.  In case you were wondering, it didn't read the screen shots to me, it skipped them without a hitch, the point is I didn't have to bother making little edits to the text, just copy, paste, bam, done.  You can save the text, or as many entries as you want, or you can convert it to an audio file and listen to it later.  It even has a slider for how fast it reads up to 2x. You can also choose which voice you'd like to have speaking to you.  I prefer the British woman.  She sounds pretty hot.  For a robot. 
I've already found that I have to reel it in and remind myself that this is actually cliffyb or whoever talking, and not some hot British lady that wants to take me home..
I was already listening to my podcasts at 2x and now that I've found a way to listen to all these blogs I'll be speeding them up as fast as I can while still being able to understand what she's saying 

anyone else playing The Settlers on iphone?

i'm totally drawn to strategy games but they also suck the life out of me, if i fire one up it's 3am before i know it every time, even on work nights  =) 
anyway i'm having trouble on the last roman mission called breaking the blockade, i get my stuff going, i'm pretty on top of any bottlenecks in production and just when i think things are going pretty smoothly, i get attacked.  tried it a few times now and i can't seem to get enough troops cranked out before i get completely over run by enemy troops.  i barely make it out to where there's some gold (required for lvl 2 & 3 soldiers) before i get attacked
anyone else have trouble with this level and if so do you have any advice?  i usually get my wood and stone cranking first then i start working on food and by that time my pioneers have dug out far enough that i can start building some mines, not sure what the problem is but i get zerg'ed every time

infamous is fun as hell

had it on my someday list since it launched because i wasn't quite sold at the time but, i bought it they day the price dropped and i'm glad i did.  it could use a touch more polish in a couple spots but overall it's a fantastic game.  i can easily overlook the few odd issues it has in favor of the awesome gameplay, it is the game i can't wait to get home and fire up again, love the power ups, love the traversal, can't say enough about it.  for $30....you should check it out if you haven't already, well worth it.  i am not normally a completionist but something about this game (possibly the awesomeness of the traversal) makes me want to S-rank this game

a blog? sure, why not

start with the basics right?  been gaming since the 80's, turned 36 today, father, husband, fix pc's for a living
bought god of war 3 today, gonna hop into that right after Lost and i took tomorrow off so i'm gonna get at least like 18 hours of god of war time before responsibility sets in again

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