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Does anyone know how to delete an image from your own profile now?

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haha i got 2 kills in the text-based shooter and then left

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@Efesell said:

Holy Shit.

agree and well-spoken, been tracking this game forever

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has anyone from GB actually found anyone else from GB yet? You guys still playing? I already think this game is amazing, but playing with a small group would be even better. Random encounters with other players almost always = death, but if people would chill for a sec and not insta-murder everything that moves the rewards would be much greater in the long run. Part of the insanity of it all I guess, but small groups of survivors and a little cooperation are VERY effective in DayZ

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wait what happened to mark of the ninja?

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Steam Store Thank You For Your Purchase - Arma II: Combined Operations (NA) 29.99 USD

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jeez really? create a new windows profile? right click and run-as administrator anyone?

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Well I'm married and therefore don't have much of a social life anyway, so no. Like someone further up mentioned, like books, games are my escape and I like my alone time. I do go out drinking with friends sometimes, but we usually end up playing games anyway

Also, I prefer geek not nerd ;)

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@hershelgeorgelives said:

Not really. But judging from the amount of losers on this site, I'd say it does.

way to make friends on the first day of school!