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#1 Posted by RiceEatin2010GT (52 posts) -

omg Ryan! =( RIP

#2 Posted by RiceEatin2010GT (52 posts) -

thank you newhaap! if anyone has one more for a good friend i would really appreciate it.

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i would also be greatfull if someone had a key i could use <333

#4 Posted by RiceEatin2010GT (52 posts) -

sad day in history but i completely understand why it was done. At the end of the day you need to make money to keep going i just hope the crazy liberals at CBS dont force them to tone down the crazy stuff they do.

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not a fan personally, if this whole game was point to point rally i would way happier lol

#6 Posted by RiceEatin2010GT (52 posts) -

that comp will def run it, dx 11 for dirt 3 is basically broken and unplayable.  The game freezes almost at every loading screen when dx 11 is on

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@ericdrum said:
" @RiceEatin2010GT:  Nice Noctua on there! Cool rig! "
thank you! your rig is very nice also.   love that OC!  ive got my 2600k running at 4.5ghz at a nice conservative 1.35V
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@Gav47 said:
" @RiceEatin2010GT: That is a really nice case, whats the cooling like? Do the base mounted fans make much difference? "
the cooling is very very good.  As you can see everything is rotated 90 degrees and those 3 big fans move air from the bottom of the case where theres an opening to outside cool air.  Theres also a fan right above the cpu cooler so its sucking the hot up and out.  The whole idea of the case is to take advantage of heat rising so the fans at the bottom combined with the single fan at the top exhausting air out makes for a very very cool running machine.
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#10 Posted by RiceEatin2010GT (52 posts) -

dont know if anyone is still reading and or posting here is mine

Case- Silvestone ft02B
Power supply- corsair 1000w
CPU- intel i7 2600k overclocked to 4.5 ghz
CPU cooler-  Noctua NH-U12P SE
Motherboard- Asus p8p67 deluxe
Ram-  8gb corsair dominator 1600mhz
Video cards-  2 EVGA GTX 570's in SLI
Hard drives- crucial c300 128gb SSD(OS drive), 1tb western digital black for storage
Sound card- Asus Xonar STX

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