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Not really. The people I stop taking seriously are the ones that use "M$"

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All of these videos are good resources, and there is also the official wiki, which can be found here

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Universal Century?

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I've noticed on the stage that defaults to Naoto and Kanji (the street with the bus stop and convenience store) has a silhouette of a man holding a lighter sitting on the bus stop bench. A possible P2 nod.

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Azreal looks like a hella anime version of Shen Woo. Guess I'll try it out then.

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Wow so they actually brought HIM back? This can only mean good things for the future of the series. I was mostly picking this up as a fighting game fan but man I'm excited to get to story mode at some point now.

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This is what happens when people act like Kotaku is a legit news source.

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This was an interesting year. KOF13 grand finals were definitely the highlight, even though I was pulling for Bala to win. Marvel was a clusterfuck, AE felt anticlimatic watching Infiltration run a train on everyone (sad to see Dieminion go out quickly to Gamerbee). While I didn't watch the pool play, SC5 had a great top 8. Dissapointed to see Perfect Legend repeat MK, and I'm pretty indifferent on SFxT as a whole.
Story of EVO 2012: UPSETS.

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Marvel just got a lot more, uh, interesting...

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Two of the three members of the US qualifying team for SBO in top 8. Regardless of what happens Sunday I like our team's chances at SBO to do much more than just first round.