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There's always been something magical about the Amiga. Maybe it's because it's graphical and sound abilities were so far on from the 8-bit days we'd been holding on to for so long, perhaps it was the flexible architecture that allowed developers to squeeze so much power out of it, maybe it was the slew of triple-AAA classics that in many cases live on to this day (recent 360 versions of both Sensible Soccer and Worms). There's also the social aspect, like getting together with your friends for another SWOS tournament, or a quick blast at Lotus Turbo Challenge, or knocking a few balls around in Archer McLean.

But really it's the first machine that showed us what gaming was capable of. From the giant intro to Shadow of the Beast 2, to the multicoloured head of Tutankhamun that graced the cover of a million Deluxe Paint manuals.

There's rose tinted glasses involved in any look back at gaming past, but few would deny how much fun the games on this machine are to this day. Chaos Engine. Ruff & Tumble. Kick Off 2. Robocod. I could go on.

What do you remember of those classic days?