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Reality Escape 0

It's hardly uncommon for developers to take successful home console franchises and try to convert them to run on their handheld brethren, often with mixed results. If you take a 3D adventure game like Tomb Raider and squeeze it down onto an original Game Boy, where it becomes a black and white 2D scroller, then it's hardly fit to carry the same name. There is of course a worry that taking a game like Burnout, well noted for it's legendary speed, and squeezing it down onto a handheld will result ...

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Lacking Substance 0

Every iteration of Burnout so far has had it's flaws, but the amount of surrounding good stuff has always been sufficiently high to make each title playable. And when you first sit down with Burnout Revenge, everything seems to be in place; over the top presentation, fast cars, annoying music and of course, the speed. But after just a couple of races, the fun just isn't there anymore, instead it feels vapid, clinical even. They've made a checklist of requirements, particular things they need to ...

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Simple Fun 0

It would be difficult to create a list of the most influential games of all time and not put Tetris on there. Invented by Alexey Pajitnov 1985, it’s pretty much single handedly responsible for the success of the Game Boy, and is not doubt the first hit of gaming goodness for many virgin players. I would be surprised to hear I was the only one that played so much that falling blocks started to invade my dreams, making lines in my sleep. Tetris was a phenomenon, and rightly so.Of course the other ...

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Best Videogame of all Time 0

It's 10 years since Super Mario 64 was introduced to the world as a Nintendo 64 launch title, but it still stands out now as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, games of all time.From the moment it starts and you run across the grass outside the Princess's castle, it's immediately clear that the development of the game and the development of the N64 controller went hand in hand. The introduction of analogue control to a mainstream console, of course now standard practice, offers up a subli...

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