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Honestly I would. It is a direct sequel and they reference the first game several times. Also the audio recordings you find talk about stuff that caused the first game. Plus you already own it so why not.

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Just to add to the chorus yeah he is fine in this game. I just recently finished my second play through of the first game so it was fresh in my mind. At first I didn't care for the new voice and after playing many hours he is pretty good at it and you start to think that is how he always sounded.

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@OldGuy said:
DLC is tied to two things: 1) the purchasers account (IOW, the girlfriends) and 2) the console. You can port the licenses from console to console but only once a year.

What this means is that you can play it on the console it was purchased on without the account that purchased it being signed in OR you can play it on any other console if the purchasing account is signed in to it (even if that account is not the one you are playing the game with).

We use this system at home... we buy on my wife's account on my console and then she can download it to her console as well (played thru the Lara Croft game co-op that way... as well as Mad Moxxi <what a slog that was> [I did need to borrow a second copy of the game, but only one copy of the DLC ways aquired] - )...

So, it should work.
That is exactly what we do. All arcade games and DLC work. She buys it on my console then re-downloads on her console. That is another reason I wish they would sell new releases on Games On Demand. It would save us a fortune on multiplayer shooters.
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@mnzy said:
Still don't like your avatar.
That was my first avatar when I joined a few years ago, seems like it was a good thing that I changed it. Also swapping isn't an issue with this game cause you never have to SWAP BACKWARDS (I'm lookin at you ME2 and new Castlevania)
But you would have to swap back to old discs if you want to replay cases at a later time. I usually always buy multi-platform games on the 360 but I think this will be the first one I get on the PS3. One disc and better frame rate seem worth it.
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Yeah, the grenades are a little bit much.  I played through COD 2 and 4 on veteran and they were tough and I died a lot but I did get through and feel like I accomplished something by completing them that way.  I have just recently started going through COD 5 and the grenades are probably the same as the others but still no less annoying.  I swear the other day I had about 5 bop me in the head 1 after another and all I could do was just hit the throw back button.

I hope in the next game they understand that a game can be hard because they are good shots and not because they seem to give away grenades in cracker jack boxes.
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Very funny.  What game makes your avatar's mouth move when you talk?

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Can you add mine in there too.

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