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@torrim said:

If I recall, he was one of the reasons Halloween III was so different. I think he or possibly some other producers wanted the idea of Halloween movies to be centered around the holiday rather than the one character. Turns out people would rather associate Halloween movies with Michael Meyers and the movie bombed, and he was quickly brought back and his return heavily advertised.

My knee jerk reaction is they wanted a Coca-Cola Classic success, so they had to make a New Coke. The timeline fits, think about it man..

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People really need to stop using the word legitimate any where near these stories. Gamergate has no legitimacy, it's a thin veneer to hide venomous misogyny.

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I just wanted to admire your restraint in not using "the" photo of Will Smith.

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I really, really, really, really, really hope that Visceral can find something interesting to with that multiplayer.

The objectives need to be more than just a pile of money because for the amount of gear that the criminals throw at trying to knock over a couple armoured cars, there's no way to make a profit. I'm not saying that any game is forced to portray life as it is but the scale of conflict I saw in the beta in no way relates to any heist I've ever heard of. Instead of making Heat: The Video Game, they've thrown a thin coat of crime paint on Battlefield.

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You have access for as long as your login cookie is good for (30 days from since you last logged in). I'm not sure how intentional this is, but I'm sure the good will it has generated and will continue to generate is worth having a few people game the system for an extra month.

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MGS V: Gitmo Simulator 2013

Edit: Also only about the first 3 minutes are new footage, dick move Konami.

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@robo: If you think this decision was made in a vacuum, your head must be in one. With "the national conversation about guns" playing out on TV and in DC plenty of NRA lobbyists have been trying to blame video games. By giving money to gun companies publishers are funding the very people attacking their business interests in Congress and in the court of public opinion. It's like if your house is on fire and you're buying gasoline to pour on it.

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Guys, I miss Alex.

We never see his face. He could totally drink out of a jar and talk at a camera. I'd be cool with that.

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Maybe it's not supposed to be live yet, but I get a 404 when I try to read Alex's review. It's on the wiki page with a score and a review deck, but not on the reviews drop down.

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Anybody know what time these have been pushing out to Steam?

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