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You have access for as long as your login cookie is good for (30 days from since you last logged in). I'm not sure how intentional this is, but I'm sure the good will it has generated and will continue to generate is worth having a few people game the system for an extra month.

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MGS V: Gitmo Simulator 2013

Edit: Also only about the first 3 minutes are new footage, dick move Konami.

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@robo: If you think this decision was made in a vacuum, your head must be in one. With "the national conversation about guns" playing out on TV and in DC plenty of NRA lobbyists have been trying to blame video games. By giving money to gun companies publishers are funding the very people attacking their business interests in Congress and in the court of public opinion. It's like if your house is on fire and you're buying gasoline to pour on it.

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Guys, I miss Alex.

We never see his face. He could totally drink out of a jar and talk at a camera. I'd be cool with that.

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Maybe it's not supposed to be live yet, but I get a 404 when I try to read Alex's review. It's on the wiki page with a score and a review deck, but not on the reviews drop down.

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Anybody know what time these have been pushing out to Steam?

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Shit is borked. Worked fine last night and then I try to play today and the patch number on the multiplayer main menu reverted to 19.0.-1 and I can't connect to multiplayer. Google has turned up no fix.

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@TwoLines: This site comes with a free basketball?!

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@l4wd0g: Don't mean to rain on your parade there, bud, but "What is my anti-drug?" is already a card.

I submitted some white cards I've already playtestedr:

Unicorn twat

Kids with no legs

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@Fobwashed: The glasses make Rorie look too angry, I had trouble recognizing him. We need to see his big friendly eyes.

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