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I just cleared the tutorial because I was curious and it seems totally playable with KBM.

I might continue with KBM on this character.

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This is my current desktop. Usually try to get a cool screenshot from whatever PC game I'm playing at the moment. I don't like any logos or UI on my wallpaper so this Kentucky Route Zero shot is perfect.

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@brodehouse: Valdis Story would have been on my list but I only listed games I have finished. Great game! Are you a backer or did you buy it?

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Killzone 3 was probably my favourite multiplayer game of the generation, so Shadow Fall is almost a system seller for me.

I was about to type that exact post.

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That fella with the big sword looks just like Dunban off of Xenoblade.

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If Broken Age never comes out I have got my moneys worth just from the behind the scenes stuff. £15 is a small price to pay to get more Brad Muir on my screen.

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I'm not sure about this. If they're super aggressive with pricing I'll get it but at the moment the PS4 will be my next console.

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I'm into it!

I've not played all of them but I love Ratchet and Clank.

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@gaff: I stuck there at the moment as well. I got to the last floor but I died. I feel like I have to do it now but I know it's not critical to finishing the game so I might leave it.

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@gaff: What's the problem with Triangle and R2?

Surely you're thumb is on Triangle and your middle finger is on R2?