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Never mind finishing a triology no-one really wants Silicon knights, get your asses back to the Eternal darkness franchise. People are crying out for a sequel

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I'm only a recently new listener to the bombcast, as in 2 months or so. What does a season change usually signify? Apart from the obvious theme song change you have already mentioned. Do the guys introduce new slots/features etc?

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I'd love the tour to hit Ireland but I doubt there's any chance that's gonna happen. We'll just get lumped in as part of the UK and London will get the stop-over.

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They both do a great job but you gotta love Ryans enthusiasm. I think it's hillarious how he just screams over anyone else when he feels its time to change topic.

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Nice to see another Irish gamer on here :)

Really interesting to see all of peoples replies. I often listen while walking my dog too. Yes, I also realise I should have put a bit more thought into the Topic title :P 

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@Elazul said:
Uhh, what? Am I missing something about Irish Wendnesdays? "

Nope, it's just that with the time delay of 6 hours or so I'm usually tucked up in bed when its released into the wild
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There ya go its all good! I'd imagine it's quite a common thing. I used to listen to music a lot to help me sleep but I find it's voices that really help me these days. I used to fall asleep all the time when I was about 16 by leaving the history channel on in the background and nodding off. lol I actually watch those types of shows nowadays though.

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This is a bit back to front but don't forget that Lost was also winked at in half life 2!

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So I guess a lot of people in here are from various walks of life etc so I was just wondering where and when do you get time to listen to the bombcast? I'll admit that I'm only a n00b in so far as I have only been tuning in for about 3-4 months now but I find that as of late I get very excited when it rolls up to Wednesday ( because I'm in Ireland ) and the newest edition is released.

So do you listen in during your commute or when you're working etc? I often work nights in my shop so I always bring in my portable speakers and hook everything up so I can blast the bombcast and listen away to my hearts content. 

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I totally agree! The first time I listened to the 'cast I was bombed out drunk and I just found it on my Ipod because I had downloaded it earlier that day and forgot all about it. I do commute a lot and find listening to the guys is very relaxing. Like falling asleep in the corner when all your friends are in the room chatting away.