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Patrick, and all else who are complaining about slow downloads on the PSN... when was the last time you tried? I get great download speeds online. Downloaded a full game off the PSN just the other day, over WiFi. Went super quick (over 1MB/second).

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I appreciate the article and I'm glad a Japanese dev is speaking up against this, but I don't think the article makes good on its promise of telling us what Infaune's message is. I want to know more on concrete examples of what is going wrong and how it can be addressed. I'm not sure if his presentation made good on this, or if the article just gives the surface of it.

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I'm guessing that most of you who say that Revolutionary War-era architecture is dull or uninteresting haven't really spent much time on the east coast of America, or visited the historical districts of Philadelphia or New York. I think you're picture Jamestown circa 1650. At least this will clear up a lot of those misconceptions!

And obviously Ubisoft isn't going to paint themselves into a corner.

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@RampageAssassin: Well if it's anything like the Japanese version, it'll be around $15 (it's 1500 yen in Japan) for everything past Chapter 2. If memory serves, they also have it available in chunks, so you can pay like 300 yen for a couple of chapters at a time.

I believe when it first came out in Japan for the iPad, it was like 2500 yen... which was more than I was willing to pay.

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Waited for months for this to come to the iPad, and just last week gave in and got it for the DS. Consarnit!

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Glad they're doing well, but this game drove me crazy.

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I'm just watching the quicklook now, but it looks pretty interesting. Can't wait to get home and get it!

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spazmaster was on the right trail. Nearly all of the "demands" you listed requires more out of the system than it has to give, at least right now. The PS3 handles it's RAM differently than the 360; both systems have 512MB of RAM, but divided out differently, so the PS3's XMB has more limited range of memory to pull from than the 360. Every function that is added to the XMB in game takes away from that certain allotment dedicated to the XMB (I seem to recall 80MB being the figure tossed out at one point). So within that limited amount, Sony has had to rework and streamline lots of functions to give us what they have so far (messaging, trophies, etc; things we never had access to before in-game). The word is EA recently prevented the PS3 from adding cross-game voice chat because in order for Sony to make it happen, they had to borrow some more memory from the game, which would require EA to change how some of their games utilize the memory. That would require EA to spend time and money making patches, and they just don't want to do it. 
So, I say be grateful for what you have. The systems are different, and they handle things differently. Sony has been awesome, working hard within the physical constraints of the system to answer their users' demands. I'm quite happy with how far the system has evolved, and I'm looking forward to all the new stuff they can bring.