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You should watch Citizen Kane. Not because it's got a toilet scene, it's just a good movie. :D

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I still recall playing Fable on XBox as a fairly misanthropic renegade, right up till the point where you kill your childhood friend or something like that; where suddenly I felt immensely guilty. From that point on I made my character shape up and make the "good choices" from then on. Now, I'm not going to argue that most of the good/evil paths in games are anything more than simple binary choices in worlds where we should be able to make much more subtly choices, but in this one case I did feel that the extra little "journey" I had put my character on during that game has made the whole experience stick with me much longer than most games.

I guess the moral [ha!] of the story is, maybe if the choices you are given in games help you identify with your character, or "share a journey" with him, then you're much more likely to enjoy and remember the game. What that implies for your situation MrSlapHappy, I really have no idea :D

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@Humanity: Finally kicked off Dead Space last week - must say I'm enjoying it muchly. Couple of minor niggles (I didn't like the camera angle at all to start with), but I'm having a lot of fun, glad I picked it up after all this time :)

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What kind of damage does that weapon do in game?

Hope it's not a one shot kill.

What effect does the helmet have on head shots?

Aaaaaaaaaand I'm outta here.

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@Contrarian: Haha, I remember many an hour lost to House of the Dead II (and Typing of the Dead!). I love that series because the acting is so bad and the plot typically makes no sense :D

In fact Typing of the Dead (prev. gen I realise!), is hilarious given enough alcohol, two keyboards and a Dreamcast. But then, most things are hilarious given enough alcohol...

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Just get Secret of Monkey Island on XBLA; it's funny enough to make me laugh out loud, plus it's an excellent game. Plus they've actually gone to the bother of updating the graphics for the arcade release. :)

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I absolutely adore all 3 films. They're all very different films, not even really sticking to the same genre in the main, but I think they are all excellent films. I can see why people dislike Alien 3, as it's obviously not a groundbreaking film like the first 2, it bins two popular characters from the start, and some of the plot is a little wonky due to all the production problems. Despite all that, it still has a couple of my favourite parts from Alien films - in particular a couple of Dillon's speeches, and I've never thought that my appreciation of Alien 3 somehow detracted from enjoying the first 2 either. That's why I don't really have a favourite - I think they're all great films in their own right.

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That "play as a 2 year old" horror game looks facking scary :O

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I absolutely adore the new Lamborghinis these days - the Murcielago and the Gallardo, but seeing as someone's posted Lambos already I'll post this - I always thought this was a beautiful car...

Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept

And although it might just be me showing my age, I've always adored how this car looked (and how it handled in PGR2!);

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I might just do that :) I'm just finishing up the collectibles of LA Noire and then it was going to come down to a coin flip between Mass Effect and Dead Space. Mass Effect I'm hoping will get me into the game enough to grab #2 and #3 and finally see what all the fuss is about that dodgy ending! ;)

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