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@DG991: Thanks for your honest reply! Must say I'm not that familiair with the fact Brad is a SC2 fanboy. Still I wanted his reply to me a little more professionally..something like him not being the right person to be critical about SC2..
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Looks like SC2

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If people are going to spend their hardearned cash based on reviews by GB and the like,  all I'm saying is that it can't hurt to step back, let the game sink in more. The lastest innovating steps in the RTS genre has been the big scale battles (Supreme Commander) and advanced strategies like in the Total War series. Even though Blizzard has big piles of cash and the game has been in devellopment for years, it's very muc 'old school' and doesn't  bring anything new to the table. sure, guess that's what Blizzard was aiming for. I'm not saying that's a bad thing because what is does, it does well, but this is not the next step in RTS gaming. Still, I think reviewers should make that point clear.. So check out my video in which I explain this more thorough.   

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Find your equilibrium..

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Meeting new people is always nice. Still, travelling a long time to meet total strangers is not my cup of tea. I can do that in the local pub. And my fascination with GB is not that big. I still check Gamespot and IGN.

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Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc..
It's just too much.
I can't update them all.

How do you guys copw with multiple online aliases?
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It features battles on a massive (never before seen) scale.
A lot of different units.
A hugh map.
multiple battlefields.
O I love this game.
What do you think?
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It just pathetic. But true.
Seems like i'm all alone here.
 If some people out there would like to be my digital friend?
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Why does everyone think the closing of 3DRealms is the end of Duke Nukem Forever?
Come on! This is a new beginning! 3DRealms was clearly not up to the task to crack out another Duke game. It was taking too long. Take Two has got the license. They ask another developer to step in. Raven? Cliffy B? Within the year we could be playing the game!