Gaming Did Not Bring Us Together

Today in gamestop, as I was purchasing a used game, I observed a guy purchasing one of the new 360s.  He was talking about how it was mighty convenient that his system just died right before the release.  Since my system also just died this week, we joked about how the library of games is so strong that we just can't not get one of the new ones.   It was a very pleasant conversation.
Then he observed that I was wearing a Laker polo shirt.
"Oh, you're a Laker fan?  Fuck you."
He had a very obvious Bostonian accent.  Part of my sympathized with him.  Here he was, in Tucson Arizona where it was 40 degrees warmer than his native land, just trying to replace his Xbox  after his team came up just short in game 7, and he encountered me, guy born in California and a die hard Laker fan in a douchey Laker polo jersey near him in neutral territory.
But only part of me.  I gave a  polite "well it was a tough game and the Lakers just barely eeked it out," response, but if the tone in my voice didn't give away that I didn't really mean that gesture of good sportsmenship, the smug grin on my face certainly did.  I'm not normally that type of fan, at least I hope I'm not.  But on this day, after that long, hard series as a longtime Laker fan, even a direct "fuck you" in mixed company wasn't enough to bring me down.
I finished my purchase and said, "good luck with your X-Box" and walked out the door.