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Great info Jeff, safe flight! : )

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Really enjoyed this piece, very interesting to see his reluctance at first and in hindsight just how well it all worked out.

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My favourite drummer is Kashikura Takashi, in the band toe. Just love how they let the instruments do the singing.

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 Yes please, that'd be fantastic!

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52 here

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@c1337us said:
" Quests are stupid. "
Don't know about stupid...but they can make people do crazy things!
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" I'm not the biggest fan of doing this but, is Carmine, maybe living, maybe not living, ultimately news? I mean really? "

Well I did not know how the race was going, so yeah it is news to me and on a side note it highlights the charity. That is generally what news is, informing people of current affairs / events that they are unaware of. Why don't you RSS feed in the future? You can bypass what you don't deem news.
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Awesome bundle, thanks GB!!

*puts in two cents*

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Really happy with whats been churned out for me, something nice seeing all the purples! (Seeing as I sucked in WoW) Thanks for the new feature!

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Gamertag Rick1987

I hope I'll break the top 100!