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Played it single player for about 3 hours, lots of exploring and collecting to combine and build better weapons/armor. So far there isn't much of a challenge, fought my first "boss" and it wasn't very difficult. Legolas, Legolas, Legolas, then he charges so you dash. Repeat. Overall I think it deserves a better metacritic review than 57... it's cheap and I'm sure co-op would be a bit more entertaining. I'd rate it a 7/10. There is no compelling story, and if you find it fulfilling to explore and find items to later combine and create a pre-set gear list, you'll probably enjoy the game. You'll learn to have to balance backpack space with 4 types of items you'll need to survive. Water, Food, Weapons, Special items. You need Water, food, and sleep to survive as well as weapons to defend yourself.

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The PC version def looks better and I'm sure it runs smoother. However I did find that I switched over to the xbox controller about half way through because the mouse was just more of a hassle than help.