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If you just want to play your character, don't care about tactics what so ever and just roll through, normal is good for that. Hard is still very much way too easy, but requires you to at least move your tank in first and hope the AI works from then on. Hard in DA2 was pretty good, as it felt balanced. Hard in DA:O was sometimes extremely unforgiving, but overall it was challenging and constantly fun.

Most of the stuff that made DA:O such an amazing game, at least combat wise, is sadly not to be found in Inquisition. What I miss the most is the advanced tactics and behavior control which made it so that you could automate a lot of frustrating micromanagement that Inquisition requires on hard, as the AI of your party members, at least your tank, is quite awful. In DA:O you still hade to micromanage, but you could totally let your damaging members do most of the work themselves, even combo stuff themselves in DA2. I really miss this and I don't see why they couldn't just add an advanced option for the tactics. A shame.

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Dan's glasses story is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Keep it comin' Dan.

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That is very inconsiderate and quite hurtful. You did the right thing and you will likely be over it in a couple of weeks, doing a lot better. In a few months you will be laughing at the idiot that said he was planning on dumping you, still expecting sex and a relationship. Good luck!

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Seeing as the first game's saving was totally fucked and I lost my saves due to Steam Cloud just not wanting to upload them, I do hope they have an "choose your option"-thing.

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You can just go straight in to Minerva's. It has very little to do with the main story.

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48. Damn. Well, time well spent. I just don't understand how the fuck I did this with a serious WoW-habit for the better part of the last 8 years as well as several other MMOs and online games not on the list..

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While the new generation seems more interesting then the last, I will stick with PC as it is what I prefer and keep coming back to. Consoles and especially console games are just not worth the money for me. I don't think I'd have money for a third of the games I've played in the last five years if I only had a console.

If I magically got super rich, in other words found a steady job, I would consider a PS4 as it seems to be a very well thought out machine.

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Yeah, Phil Fish totally is an asshole. He made a very interesting, inventive and excellent game. It has obviously gone to his head and he didn't seem to be a very secure person before Fez. He's always come across as incredibly unstable and a person that is simply incapable of controlling his emotions like an adult. He sees what he does as the purest form of art and he does not seem to believe many people around him are at his standard.

His reaction is in line with everything he has done before. By cancelling the game he is effectively punishing both Marcus Beer and every journalist that has ever dared speak ill of him, as well as create a massive shitstorm where he will be in the center. He claims to not want this, yet he acts as though he does every single time he does anything. He is a soundbite machine and certainly the most quotable and clickable person in all of video games - yes, really. He says stupid, very offensive, shit constantly. He acts like a spoiled child. He looks like everyone's stereotype of hipster indie game designer. He will completely lose his shit if you post about him and create huge scandals for no reasons. Free goddamn admoney for every site out there. Yet he still never figured this out, and instead acted out a la "STOP POSTING ABOUT ME YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES SUCK MY DICK CHOKE ON IT", of course becoming even more of a perfect soundbite, easy clicks creating, machine.

I've tweeted to Fish numerous times describing why he needed a PR-person or something of the sort. I know journalists and most people in general hate that, but Fish is an excellent example of a person that desperately needs a filter and someone that can create a distance and space between the person Phil Fish and his games and public image. He needs someone to tell him to shut the fuck up and try to deal with why he is feeling these emotions BEFORE going on Twitter, and someone that can speak on his behalf in those difficult situations where he has been attacked and needs a response that will calm the situation down - not actually creating the situation. Fish is to blame for about 95% of the shit he's been in because of his reaction. Sure, being the target of a lot of shit is probably really awful, but you need to deal with it some other way then lashing out.

If he would've responded with just nothing unless asked, this would all be fine. This could've been handled by someone that understands these things and that would've talked Phil down. This is also why you have PR-people in general, because developers are frequently complete self-important dicks that can't be trusted to speak for themselves or the company. If Phil could've been taught that some people really ARE as meaningless as Phil himself seems to want to make the dude out to be, it would be fine. Not everything needs to be responded to. Who cares about what some limey fuck is saying about you and your game? He's a middle-aged nobody and you're successful as fuck. So shut your goddamn mouth and do what you do best, Phil - make games.

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I don't think I hate any games really. Well, I kind of hate what they did to SimCity and how poorly made that game was, through and through. I thought Kingdoms of Amalur was kind of shitty as well. I still regret that purchase.

I also hate Skyrims combat. The first 100 hours of that game was excellent. Then it became extremely tedious. With a good, actually worked on, combat system that game would be one of the best of all time. Now it's just good and impressive.

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Love these two, Ryan is so amazingly entertaining during the babyshaking incident. I've been crying a lot since monday, I had no idea this would effect me this much. Never thought about I guess, nor have I experienced someone I actually didn't know passing that in someway effected me. I'll miss you Ryan.