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Money is good for you. Therefore McDonalds is good for you. Take the job.

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Tons. It's not my fault that alot of companies can't seem to figure out how to do the following: 
1. Worldwide release. I'm European. I really don't like waiting to get games just cause alot of other european dudes are too fucking lazy to learn English. 
2. Making decent PC ports, so to check to see how good or bad a certain console port is (I'm a PC gamer). 
3. Because they can't seem to do digital distribution properly, so I have to buy the game at a later date as a physical copy (I don't want stupid plastic boxes/discs really), because its 10-20 euro cheaper in stores. 
4. To release the game when it's done. Pirated games usually leak like a full week or more ahead of store date, for no apparent reason. 
 And of course cause I'm a poor asshole, or was, but now a days I pay for all my games because I can afford it and also want the industry to survive. This reason isn't justifiable, the others are.

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What? You all are like 15 years old? 
Boys, boys, boys, you have your most interesting five years AHEAD of you, don't fucking think about five years AGO.

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Macgyver supports the making and consuming of drugs. 
I heard Macgyver once made meth from listerine, tobacco and Pepto Bismol. He just cooked that shit up in a pan, and bam, grade A meth.

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Drugs are fucking awesome.

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Haha, 30 days for killing a dude while being shitfaced! Man, I gotta move to Florida. GTA here I come, and I'll be sure to stop by ol' Jackies house.

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I would do pretty much every kind of drug I could come over. Then I would pretty much eat everything I wanted. Eventually I guess, I would learn how to fly a plane or something and hijack a random awesome mansion in every location in the world. I would befriend animals and become THE GOD of all creatures on earth since I have awesome weapons (I have already of course raided a military base).  
Then I would like wait for aliens or something. 
And fuck em. 

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Two hours is great. Would prefer longer even.  
PRO TIP: Listen to podcasts when you do boring stuff. Like doing the dishes, working out, cleaning your home, etc. It's great, just let your body do those boring manual tasks and let your mind escape into the world of t-rex's fighting grizzlys.

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Damn, sounds like people got some boring cats!