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The black holes that the collision creates exists for such short periods of time (less then a nanosecond afaik) that they barely can be measured. There is nothing to be worried about, as they cannot be sustained for them to expand - there just isn't enough mass in the collision.
The reason they are testing this out is to basically see what the universe is made of, and if there are smaller particles then quarks (? have they actually found those? Don't remember). And I think that there is some use for colliding particles like this, maybe to produce lots of energy out basically nothing. Um I'm not sure about that last part and physics never was my most awesome subject, so feel free to correct me.

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Well fuck me if this didn't come as a surprise.
Just played the beta for half an hour (it's 3 AM here), and it was really good fun. Encourage you to try it out. It's like Tribes meets BF, pretty much, with a good albeit a bit cluttered interface. Combat is smooth and fast, and dynamic objectives keeps it interesting. I went from a ''meh, got other stuff in september to buy'', to a probable day one purchase.
This comes from a guy that is totally starved on team based MP of this kind at the moment, and I have played every single Tribes game, and every single Battlefield game, for hundreds of hours. This is my favorite genre, and despite being generic, this is really polished and seems to encourage teamplay - which is what is most important in shooters like these.

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Well, it doesn't seem you've played every C&C, ever, like me. This series needs a goddamn reboot, and I'm glad they did it. RA3 is great and awesome but it does feel a bit old really, even though they did alot of new stuff there too. C&C3 was just Generals in a new costume, which was fine but didn't exactly entice the mind.

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Baaw. I wish I lived there, I mean Borderlands and UGK, what else do you need in your hometown. Or wait.. Thats Port Arthur... European signing off!

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You like the Gamecube-controller the best? Um okay. 
The 360 controller is by far the best one, but if you don't like it I guess you could go with the PS3, both Sixaxis and Dualshock work. All other PC-only controllers are quite subpar to the official console ones.

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Major, epic, huge spoiler for Mafia coming up.
The end of Mafia. You fought so hard to get away from the mob, to spend the rest of your life with your wife and child, and what happens? You, the character that I at least identified with alot, get shot down by your former boss's goons while watering the lawn. I cried, heaps and heaps.
I also cried tons in KotOR, because it was all so beautiful. I actually cried tears of joy, that's a bit more powerful really, so much harder of an emotion to stir up. I played ubersuperultra good so I got the end where you and all the characters you love are celebrated as heroes, complete with raining confetti and cheering aliens.